Hillary deserves the Millennial vote

By Jake Sarver @4theapplesauce

Millennials love Bernie Sanders. Bernie endorsed Hillary Clinton. So, Millennials should be all about HRC, right? Surprisingly, not so much. Millennials seem to really have an issue with Hillary and this could affect the upcoming election in a major way.

The US Census Bureau reported this year that the Millennials have overtaken the Baby Boomers as the largest generation in America. If a candidate doesn’t have the Millennial vote, it’s likely that that candidate will not win.

Will Millennials – especially the former Bernie supporters – end up casting their ballots for Clinton on Nov. 8? Only if we can eliminate stigma.

The stigma toward Hillary goes back solely to the Bernie campaign. The one great thing about the Bernie campaign staying afloat for so long is that the majority of his policies have begun to be adapted into her policies and the party’s policies. However, Bernie stayed in the race way too long and painted her out to be many things she is not, making her into the villain everyone sees her as now.

This idea that Hillary doesn’t understand us truly is false. Unlike her opponent, Donald Trump, she did not grow up wealthy. She went through college, studied, worked hard and ultimately became the successful woman she is today. She understands what it’s like to be in our shoes. Hillary has been fighting the same struggles we face her whole life.

Here is a list of ways that she understands what the Millennials are worried about and the policies she is ready to put in place to help them.

1. Climate action: Hillary understands that climate change is scientifically proven and is not a hoax created by China. With super PACs like NextGen Climate working closely with her, 100 percent renewable energy can be seen by 2050, as well as an 80 percent overall pollution reduction.

2. Free public tuition: By the year 2021, any family making up to $125,000 will not require any payment on instate four-year college tuition. Also, those who already have debt will be liberated from said debt in moderation.

3. Mental Health: Hillary plans on not only expanding the research into mental health but creating a national initiative to prevent suicide. She also wants to look into promoting early diagnosis and treatment right away. These are widespread diseases that are going unnoticed. So many people are effected ad leaving citizens in the dark, like Trump plans to do, is truly un-American.

4. Equal rights: Hillary plans on expanding the rights of transgender people and making sure the Marriage Equality Act is not overturned. She plans on working to make sure all LGBTQ Americans have the same rights as everyone else and that those with disabilities are treated fairly. She has initiatives to allow for easier integration of those with disabilities to get good-paying jobs from a range of opportunities.

The great thing about Hillary is that she is working for everyone. She has worked her whole life to better the lives of children and to make sure every kid has the right to live up to their God-given potential. She is a perfect candidate for any group of people and the benefits

for the Millennial generation are truly endless. Hillary will work for us and for everyone in keeping Americans safe, strengthening the economy, and continuing to move our nation forward.

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