In Hillary, we see a President

By Jake Sarver

Sunday’s debate was everything every American expected. No one expected this to be happy, no one expected them to agree, and no one expected there to be a genuinely nice question to end the debate. The debate started off civil but very quickly turned south.

The body language and mannerisms from both candidates stuck out to me right off the bat. Clinton, when asked a question, stood up, addressed whoever asked the question, then sat back down. This showed that she was focused on what was being asked and respected the person asking the question. When it was her opponent’s turn to speak, she sat down and listened. There also was only one time Clinton interrupted and she apologized but said she felt a need to correct Donald before he went on. On the contrary, Donald stood the entire debate. He would pace around Clinton as she spoke, acting as if he was eyeing his prey. This felt extremely uncomfortable and very much like a creepy dominance move. Trump also interrupted even more than he did the last debate and made personal threats to Clinton by saying she will be put in jail under his presidency. Honestly, these traits alone are enough to show he is unfit to hold the highest position in the country. This country needs a leader who is willing to respect and listen to everything the opposition may say. If Trump is unable to hold a civil debate here at home, I can only imagine how he will act with a foreign leader he dislikes. This is no longer a laughing matter considering the way he talks to foreign officials. His presidency could lead us into wars.

The primary differences between the candidates are their knowledge of politics and their ability, or lack there of, to keep things mature. Clinton’s attack ads aren’t childish, everything she says that is attacking Trump is truthful and supported by either facts or words straight from his mouth. Trump, in this debate, called her the devil and brought up the emails every-other-sentence because all he has going for his campaign at this point is shock value. Trump also held a press conference before the debate with a few of Bill Clinton’s alleged mistresses. However, Clinton could have done the same thing considering Trump is currently in

a court case where he is being accused of rape, but she doesn’t because she is mature and doesn’t stoop low. Michelle Obama and Hillary said it best, “When they go low, you go high.”

One part that stuck out to me was how Clinton addressed the final question. Her answer to the request to say one nice thing about Donald was that she respected his kids. I think that this compliment was truly thoughtful and caring because children’s characters represent their parent’s ability to raise, teach, and discipline other people. His answer seemed very forced and he seemed pressed to come up with something nice to say about Clinton. He said she “never gives up” which also contradicts how in the last debate Trump said she has “no stamina” — but that’s another issue. His compliment did not seem genuine because every other sentence in his compliment was him saying how much he disagreed with her and how he didn’t think she would be a good leader, but she “never gives up” which to me, is Donald implying she is a sore loser.

Hillary not only has the plans to run this nation, she also has the persona. The argument that America needs a business man to lead us forward isn’t true. This nation needs a leader and that leader is Clinton. Trump is a businessman who stomps on people to get to the top. A leader brings people up with them which is what Clinton has done her whole life. Not to mention, Trump says he is a good businessman but lost almost a billion dollars. Hillary Clinton knows what she is doing and is ready to work for everyone. In both of the debates she has shown America that she can take the punches and deliver the results.

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