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8 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Without Running or Dieting

It’s no secret that belly fat is one of the hardest types to get rid of – they don’t call it “stubborn” for nothing! Often living in big busy cities, you might not have access to outside running tracks and you may be too busy to regularly hit the gym. Thankfully, there are plenty of highly effective at-home exercises that melt belly fat in no time!

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Exercise #1: Push-ups 0:30

Exercise #2: Burpees 1:26

Exercise #3: Mountain climbers 2:54

Exercise #4: Crunches 3:59

Exercise #5: Sumo squat 5:01

Exercise #6: Sprinter sit-ups 6:01

Exercise #7: Bicycle crunches 7:15

Exercise #8: Forearm plank 8:52

If you want even quicker results… 10:30

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– You might assume that push-ups just work your arms and chest, but they also target and eliminate belly fat, which is exactly what we’re looking for!
– A lot of people dread burpees, but they really are a “must” if you’re looking to annihilate belly fat that just doesn’t want to go away!
– Mountain climbing is a great exercise for your whole body. There’s just one little problem: you don’t always have a mountain around to climb! Thankfully, mimicking the process will also do the trick, burning all that belly fat away!
– What’s a workout without some crunches? This exercise is a true miracle for removing excess fat from your abdomen, getting you one step closer to a perfectly toned belly.
– Sumo squats aren’t nearly as intense as they sound! And more importantly, they do a lot of good for your body, and that includes burning belly fat!
– Just like with mountain climbing, if you’re not gonna run, you can fake it till you make it! Sprinter sit-ups give you pretty much the same results as actual running without being so hard on your knees like the latter.
– Bicycle crunches not only get rid of upper and lower belly fat, they’ll sculpt your obliques too. You know what that means: no more muffin top!
– Planking is the best way to finish up any workout. This exercise targets your entire core and improves your stamina. It’s basically a full-body workout within one exercise!
– Your basic swimming exercise plan should include resistance training, kickboard exercises, water crunches, and some bicycle abs, which is pretty much the swimming version of bicycle crunches.
– Jumping rope increases your stamina and agility, and it’s perfect for targeting any fat on the body, the belly region included! But to get the results you want, you have to follow proper technique.

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Winebrenner looks to end “On Notice” status

By: Cory Berlekamp Email: Twitter: @Cberlekamp According to a public disclosure document from the Higher Learning Commission, an accreditation organization for post-secondary institutions, the Winebrenner Theological Seminary’s accreditation has been “On Notice” since June 29, 2017. Before that, WTS’s status was “On Probation” since June of 2015 for “non-compliance” of “Criteria for Accreditation” according […]

Why Lice Are So Hard to Get Rid Of

Head lice are miniature parasites that live in human hair and feed off your blood. A full infestation takes no more than 2 weeks to happen. So how can you get head lice? And how to get rid of them? Although humankind has been fighting these parasites for thousands of years, it’s still quite difficult. These little beasts are really tenacious. The thing is that head lice have grown almost immune to any poisons we have at our disposal. So are there any surefire ways to defeat them? Actually, there are, and we’re gonna tell you about the most effective of them!

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What exactly are head lice? 0:33
How can you get them? 1:09
Why is it so hard to get rid of lice? 1:44
What’s their lifespan? 3:22
Why it’s mostly kids that get lice 4:20
What’s the best way to deal with lice? 4:46
Some additional precautions 5:59

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– All it takes to have yourself a good and healthy lice colony in your head is just one little louse. Lice lay about 5–10 nits (or eggs) a day, which hatch in about 7 days.
– Head lice are most often transmitted from person to person directly, when you touch someone else’s head with yours, or indirectly, when you share a hat or scarf with someone.
– It all starts with a nit that’s simply too small and clingy to be seen and disposed of. The parent louse lays it right at the root of a hair.
– They can hold their breath for 8 hours, so if you take a shower or bath, they’ll most certainly survive.
– By the way, there’s a common misconception that people who don’t wash their head regularly are more likely to get head lice. That’s totally false.
– While their life span is about 30 days on your head, it’s much smaller in your clothes: about 1–2 days at the most.
– If any one kid out of the group is already affected, the whole bunch of them will probably get the parasites too.
– The most effective treatments are those that simply suffocate the lice. There are different sprays, creams, and shampoos out there that block lice’s airways, preventing them from breathing.
– Whenever you use any treatment to get rid of head lice, use a fine-toothed comb 8 to 12 hours later. Even if the parasites don’t survive your attack, they won’t come off your head by themselves.

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ReStore Gets a New Home

By: Bri Hallman Email: Friday, Feb. 8 Habitat ReStore in Findlay will celebrate a grand opening at its brand new location. The Habitat ReStore website describes itself as a “retail outlet where quality, used and surplus building materials are sold at a fraction of normal prices. Proceeds from the ReStore help Habitat fund the […]

Oilers Athletics Continue to Shine in the National Spotlight

By: Dylan DeWitt Email: Twitter: @dd_witt As there is another athletic year for the Findlay Oilers, it seems as if every year at least a few of the teams notch the national rankings. Currently, there is a total of four teams that sit within the top 25 in their respected sports` national polls. The […]

GMAC loses Malone football to restructuring

By: Cory Berlekamp Email: Twitter: @Cberlekamp On Feb. 1, Malone University announced that it was eliminating its football program as a part of restructuring process. According to the Star Beacon, this decision was a surprise to the coaches and players who were informed Friday morning after a board of trustees finalized the decision to […]

Menstruating women may not enter

By: Olivia Wile Email: wileo@findlay Twitter: o_wile University of Findlay students can spot it everywhere: from the Church of God at the front of campus, to Winebrenner Theology Seminary and advertisements for Revive, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Gateway Church. Religion is not a censored topic on campus. Despite being welcomed and celebrated at UF, […]

Sweet treats building up on Trenton

By: Bri Hallman Email: In less than a month, University of Findlay students will once again be able to enjoy an American classic. Dunkin Donuts is coming back to Findlay for the first time in years after its two previous locations were dropped by the previous franchise owners. Construction for the new store on […]

Government shutdown cripples Washington

By: Mac Williams Twitter: @m_williamsm2 Email: As the clock struck midnight on Dec. 31 the American people ushered in 2019 with resolutions and renewed hopes and dreams. They also began 2019 with a federal government that had been shutdown since Dec. 21, 2018 when funding expired and work stopped across nine different federal departments. […]

8 Tricks to Sleep Better According to Athletes

Do you have any sleep troubles? World-famous athletes owe a lot of their success not only to their intense training but also to their sleep coaches! That’s right, getting proper sleep is crucial for their performance, and they can certainly teach us all a thing or two about it.

For example, even if you don’t consider yourself a necessarily light sleeper, experts still recommend using earplugs. It’s often unexpected minor noises that interrupt our sleep and lower its quality, so a simple pair of earplugs can really come in handy. When choosing earplugs, remember to check their noise reduction rating. If you want them to block most sounds, go for the highest rating there is, which is 39 decibels.

Set a schedule based on sleep cycles 0:47
Try to sleep on your side or back 1:50
Set the appropriate temperature in your room 3:02
Invest in good bedding 3:36
Make your bedroom as dark as possible 4:24
Eat the right food 5:07
Use earplugs 6:11
Resolve your stress 6:51

#sleepproblems #insomnia #goodsleep

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– Sleep is usually measured in 1.5-hour cycles because that’s how much time your body needs to pass through all stages of sleep and restore itself completely. The best solution for adults is to sleep for at least 5 cycles through the night, which equals 7½ hours of rest.
– Sleeping on your right side is one of the best sleep positions for your heart. It improves cardiac performance, reduces shortness of breath and palpitations, and lowers your heart rate.
– The National Sleep Foundation suggests keeping your bedroom temperature at about 60-67°F. That’s because our body temperature naturally decreases to initiate sleep, and this room temperature range helps boost this important process.
– The National Sleep Foundation reminds us that most mattresses have a lifespan of 8 years. If yours is much older than that, you should definitely start looking for a replacement.
– Turn off the lights, close your curtains, and try to cover up all illuminated displays and buttons on your electronic devices. Achieving as much darkness as possible will help you successfully go through all stages of sleep and wake up feeling fresh as a daisy!
– When you consume caffeine or fatty dishes that are high in sugar, your body temperature rises since it takes a long time for your system to digest that stuff. Of course, a higher body temperature is not what you want when it comes to sleeping.
– No matter how great your mattress and pillow are, if you’re feeling worried or stressed, you won’t be able to sleep. So the solution is simple: try to calm down and relax before going to bed. One of the best ones is meditation!

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6 Easy Exercises to Build Your Abs

How to tone up your body and lose excess weight? All you need is a multipurpose abs workout, and you’ll see the difference in no time. So are you ready to transform your body into its dream shape? Then put on your sportswear, and let’s get it started!

If you have a goal of burning some extra fat, toning up your butt, or losing a couple of inches off your waist, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all your spare time at the gym. All you need is an effective workout routine, a balanced diet, and a little time. A lot of training programs and workouts don’t give great results simply because they target only one muscle group. As a result, it gets an amazing workout while the other muscles are basically abandoned. So the solution is easy: you have to train all the muscle groups during your workout, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

Exercise #1: Splinter sit-ups 0:57
Exercise #2: Scissors 2:02
Exercise #3: Reverse crunches 2:58
Exercise #4: Russian twists 3:52
Exercise #5: Plank 4:42
Exercise #6: Sliding pike 5:36

Music by Epidemic Sound

– Start the exercise by lying on your back. Now sit up with an explosive movement, bringing your right knee to your chest and swinging your left arm forward as if running.
– Lie on your back, place your hands underneath your hips, and lift your head off the ground. From this position, lift your right leg as high as you can while keeping your left leg hovering just off the ground.
– Lie on your back, and put your hands beneath your hips. Now bend your knees, and lift them toward your head, drawing them slightly upward at the end of your movement. Finish the exercise by lowering your feet back down just above the floor.
– Sit on the floor with your knees bent, your feet slightly above the ground, your back off the ground at 45°, and your arms locked together and held away from your body. While in this position, swing your arms from side to side in a twisting motion 20 times.
– Pretty much every workout out there has a plank in it. And it’s not surprising at all since it involves tons of muscle groups — including your abs, which can be toned up faster than you think if you do planks regularly.
– Start in a plank position with your arms straight. Slowly raise your hips, and pull your toes up toward your hands without bending your knees so that your body looks like an inverted letter V. Hold this pose for 2–3 seconds, and then go back to the initial position.

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THE FIVE KNIGHTS OF NATURE | The Legend Of Sleeping Beauty | Full Episode 9 | English

Rakhal is fighting beside the dinosaurs of dinosaur land. The forces of evil commanded by Tanatos, Sterminio, Barbarian, Magic and Maya seem to be winning. Rakhal goes back to the palace to speak with Chaca, Myellin, Cordall and the five knights of nature. Together, they hold a war council.

🎬 DINOFROZ 2: Dragons’ Revenge

#KidflixEN #English #Kidflix

The blame falls on Facebook

By: Cory William Berlekamp Twitter: @Cberlekamp Email: Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Facebook came under fire after a story broke about how Cambridge Analytics received and used user data, including swaying the 2016 Presidential Election. The New York Times and The London Observer were the first outlets to break the news that the personal […]

UF’s PRSSA screens Heroin(e) documentary

By: Grant Goetcheus Twitter: @goetcheusg Email: The war on drugs has been a long and hard battle. It all started in the 1970’s under President Nixon. Since then, there has been no relief from this war; only more casualties and more dollars spent trying to fight the seemingly endless enemy. On Wednesday, March 11, […]

Sinclair broadcast mandates script

By: Olivia Wile Twitter: o_wile Email: While fake news is a term that is tossed around in the journalism industry quite frequently, it is making headlines again. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Sinclair Broadcast group, the nation’s largest telecommunications company, sent a mandated script to all of its’ local news stations to […]

A day of celebration for students

By: Abigail Frye Twitter: @Abigail_EF Email: The University of Findlay hosted its 11th Symposium for Scholarship and Creativity on Friday, April 6 with many speakers, faculty and students participating. During the day, donors to UF also get the chance to come and witness what their contribution has done for the University, along with get […]

Afternoon car crash a wakeup call

By: Olivia Wile Twitter: o_wile Email: Though a seemingly normal spring day with grey skies and rain, University of Findlay students say a car wreck on Davis St. was completely out of the blue. “I just want to know how someone crashes in that area when there’s two stop signs in the vicinity,” stated […]

Sixth annual Drag Show brings community together

By: Cory William Berlekamp Email: Twitter: @Cberlekamp Students and community members cheered as the University of Findlay hosted its’ sixth annual Drag Show Benefit on Tuesday, March 13 in the Alumni Memorial Union. According to Evan Bader of United, the University’s Gay-Straight Alliance, the event, which was free for students and five dollars for […]

Disabilities don’t disable these students

By: Alexis Mitchell Twitter: @alexismitch14 Email: When students first walk into Shafer Library at the University of Findlay, they might not see the board at first, but walking out of the library they’ll find it’s hard to miss. In the glass case in the library, “Tell your story” is displayed with pictures of different […]

Browns Edge partnership still going strong

By: Abigail Frye Twitter: @Abigail_EF Email: Not only does the Cleveland Browns organization look after its’ players, it also plays a role at the University of Findlay. Though football may be what comes to mind when students think of this NFL team, the Browns partnership is one that provides UF students with many opportunites […]

The luck of the Irish

By: Olivia Wile Editor It’s that time of the year again. Different holidays are popping up left and right. Between Valentine’s Day, Ground Hog’s Day, and now St. Patrick’s Day, there is a lot of history that makes up these world renowned celebrations. Here at the Pulse, we’ve decided to break down seven (yes seven, […]

Seeing the world through 19 different lenses

By: Cory William Berlekamp Twitter: @Cberlekamp Email: On March 16 from 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., students from 19 different countries will represent their cultures through traditional dance, dress, and cuisine during the University of Findlay’s 49th annual International Night. The event is held in the student recreational center of the Koehler Complex and […]

Higher risk levels mean tighter standards

By: Grant Goetcheus Twitter: @goetcheusg Email: The University of Findlay is a smaller size university, except when it comes to feeding the more than 4,000 students enrolled. The students are able to pick their own meal plan that allows them to get food from several places around campus. Among the different options include the […]

Voice of a generation

By: Olivia Wile Twitter: o_wile Email: Whether interrupting political figure and Florida Senator Florida Marco Rubio on national television, lying down in front of the White House, or participating in nationwide protests, the youth demands to be heard. The recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla. on Wednesday, Feb. 14 has sparked a fire that […]

Mental Health or Gun Control, each issue deserves equal attention

With all of the shootings already this year, it seems that the tragedy which took place in a Florida high school was the last straw. For those who do not know, Nikolas Cruz killed 17 students on Feb. 14 with an AR-15 rifle. Once again, the debate over gun control and mental health issues is […]

School Safety Series Part 3: The gray areas of mental health and school shootings

Cory William Berlekamp Twitter: @Cberlekamp Email: Following the school shooting in Parkland, Fla. on Feb. 14, the issue of mental health and the correlation to gun violence once again becomes a point of contention between political and social groups. On Feb. 18 President of the American Psychological Association, Jessica Henderson Daniel, released a statement […]

School Safety Series Part 2: Tragedy sparks gun debate

By: Grant Goetcheus Twitter: @goetcheusg Email: On Valentine’s Day Nikolas Cruz, 19, opened fire on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Flordia and created the third deadliest school shooting. He used his own AR-15-a gun that he legally purchased. The event has sparked a national debate about gun laws including who can buy […]