Senior capstone project leaves impact on the Community

By: Olivia Wile

The University of Findlay is not the only outlet that both recognizes and honors the work of senior Sarah Stubbs.

Stubbs was just recently acknowledged in the City of Findlay’s newspaper, the Courier, for her senior capstone project.

“I’m really interested in environmental issues,” Stubbs said. “As I’ve gone through my academic career at UF, I’ve shifted from objective journalist to activist.”

As a result, Stubbs launched an interactive documentary to provide information on the flooding problems in Findlay and Hancock County.

“I was just interested because its such a complex topic and I felt like in the Courier’s daily coverage of it you lose context of ‘wow this community has been dealing with this for 100 years,’” Stubbs said.

Stubbs spent the better part of two semesters following the local news, talking to local farmers, and doing her own research at the Hancock County Historical Museum and Library.

This is the first time Sarah Sisser, the Director of the Hancock County Historical Museum, has worked with student from UF on his or her capstone project.

“It was wonderful working with Sarah,” Sisser said. “[we’re] fortunate to be the recipient of the work she put into the project.”

Looking for a place to house her project, Stubbs approached Sisser in January.

“The project is comprehensive and complex in nature,” Sisser said. “[it] takes a very driven individual.”

In bringing her research to life, Stubbs found inspiration from Dr. Megan Adams.

“I wanted to try that format of multimedia story telling, interactive story telling on a website,” Stubbs explained.

Aside from her work on this project, Stubbs has been involved in the Oilers Serving Abroad program, OC3, and has been a writing center tutor, service ambassador, and the editor of the Pulse.

After graduation, she hopes to join the Peace Corps and is applying for jobs and internships until then. She will continue to update her project as well.

To view her completed project, visit:

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