More than meets the eye: meet Cindy

By: Jacob King

As children, it’s often taught that no one should judge a book by its cover. This saying holds true and is represented by a certain University of Findlay employee. Cindy Beucler, Cave employee, exudes positivity on campus . However, many would not know that she has an extensive background in education.

Beucler, a native from Hancock County, grew up in the small town of Arlington. For her undergraduate program, she attended Bowling Green State University and double majored in learning disabilities and behavior disorders (LBDB).  The inspiration behind her decision to begin a career in education originated from her mother.

“My mom was a teacher… I just loved it,” said Beucler. “And as a matter of fact, when I was in high school, when they couldn’t get a sub, sometimes I became the substitute teacher of my senior year and a little bit my junior year, I just liked it.”

After receiving her bachelor’s degree, she taught five years at a Cory-Rawson school in a learning disabilities classroom. Eventually, Beucler went on to pursue her master’s in education at The University of Michigan. She then returned to Hancock County and taught at Findlay City Schools and worked with kids who had learning disabilities.

“I taught second grade, fourth grade, sixth grade, back to fourth grade, back to sixth grade, back to second grade, a multi-age one too, and first grade,” said Beucler. “Now, I go back each day and volunteer at a kindergartens classroom.”

Another element that drew her in to teaching children was their desire for knowledge. She said one of her favorite moments of teaching is when the “light bulb” goes off in students. Although she found pleasure in teaching, it was not always a simple path.

“When I started out in learning disabilities I knew I was going in with kids who were struggling with that, that was a challenge to me,” said Beucler.

She said one of her most challenging times consisted of finding a balance that made her students, and their parents, happy.

“I had a time when there were numerous students in the class who had lots of different needs and this was in a regular classroom and their parents weren’t happy with the way I was handling things,” said Beucler. “I think it’s a struggle with parents when you can’t please parents and the children, that’s a real hard situation.”

To handle this situation, she didn’t fold under the pressure. She explained that she had to do what felt right as an educator and continued teaching, despite any criticism. Beucler continued her career in education until she was qualified for retirement.

“I stopped teaching when I had the maximum amount of years I needed for retirement and I felt that if… I didn’t want to make unhappy parents and unhappy children,” said Beucler.

Despite any obstacles she had to face as an educator, she still affected students who struggled with learning disabilities. Not only did she help them, but they impacted her as well.

Beucler shared that during her many years of teaching, there was a student she taught in multiple grades. As time passed, the two became close and developed a bond. The student, being involved in sports, would drop her schedule off so Beucler could attend the games. She said they both enjoyed sports and this personal relationship was one she would cherish. Beucler uses her caring nature to connect and interact with students at UF.

“The kids are interesting and you just try to keep track and to know what they have. You like it when people take an interest in you and remember things about it,” said Beucler. “I mean, everybody likes that interest.”

She said it’s helpful for students to have someone that will engage and just listen to them, especially those who may be having a difficult time during college. For Beucler, putting others before herself is fundamental.

 “It goes back to the little song you sang in Sunday school, ‘What a Wonderful Way to Spell JOY’. You do ‘Jesus, others, and you’, put yourself last and put the Lord first and then others and yourself,” said Beucler.

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