Keeping campus safe after recent OSU tragedy

By Heidi Paxson

The recent tragedies at The Ohio State University have stirred up a sense of fear that many people have while on any college campus.  

On Wednesday, Feb. 8, Ohio State Senior Reagan Tokes went missing. She was last seen leaving Bodega, the restaurant she worked at in The Short North.

According to NBC News, Tokes was found at a Grove City metro park on Thursday, approximately 11 miles from where she was last seen on Wednesday night.

Another OSU student who recently went missing is Natenon “Max” Tongtae, 24. He was reported missing on the same day as Tokes, but at a BP gas station on Greentree Road in Pittsburgh, according to The Tab.

Ohio State’s campus newspaper, The Lantern, stated that as a 24 year-old with no listed mental health conditions, he was not immediately listed as a missing person by the police.

A Facebook post by Tongtae’s sister at 12:10 a.m. on Thursday said that her confused brother was found by Ontario police at a rest stop. According to the post, Tongtae entered Canada on Feb. 10.

These two stories have both students and families nationwide worried about campus safety.

Findlay’s campus security staff, along with the recent addition of the campus police force, are always available to help students don’t feel secure on campus.

“Overall, I feel that the atmosphere of a small campus gives students a greater sense of security,” student Megan Carnahan said.

“Especially with campus security patrolling throughout the day,” she said.

The UF community, along with other campuses, tries to spotlight issues like these, in order to shed light on problems that can affect any school across the country.

One of Findlay’s security officers, Victoria Stacklin, reminds students to call the security office if they see any activities on campus that they find suspicious.

“Campus safety does more than just write parking tickets and unlock buildings,” Officer Stacklin said.

“It’s important for students to remember the Code Blue phones located around main campus that were placed in case of emergencies that dispatches officers to that location,” she said.

The University of Findlay uses Timely Warnings to share details of crimes on campus with students and faculty. Current Timely Warnings can be viewed on the Safety and Security website under the Crime Alerts link below: (

For safety concerns on campus, contact 419-434-4799.

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