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No Fall Break breaks hearts, but helps health

By Lauren Wolters As the University of Findlay spent the summer contemplating a more COVID-friendly environment for the fall semester it made the tough decision to cancel the annual mid–fall Recess for the 2020 academic year. Nearby Ohio colleges, such as Bowling Green State University and The University of Toledo, have done the same. […]

Students talk Rock the Mock and the first presidential debate of 2020

Students in the COMM 280 Mass Communication and Digital Media class had a discussion today about the upcoming campus wide mock election, Rock the Mock and the importance of voting. These students have been working on a digital media campaign practicing their mobile multimedia skills and learning to read analytics. This discussion was shot on […]

Campus ministries healing together

Students and staff speak out about how their reactions to the arrest of Saint Michael’s priest Father Zacharias By Kayla Canterbury On Aug. 18 former Saint Michael the Archangel priest Michael Zacharias was arrested and charged with sex trafficking of minors. The Federal Bureau of Investigation released an affidavit that detailed the case. Zacharias […]

Autumn has Arrived: A University of Findlay Guide with What to do for Fall 2020

By Kelsey Baughman Chilly weather and pumpkin décor outside of shops and homes can only mean one thing. Fall is here, Halloween is near, and you deserve some Autumn cheer! Although COVID-19 has affected many activities for Fall 2020, there are many fall attractions and events that are open and filled with the spooky, fall […]

Orange, Black, White, Red, what these colors mean at UF in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Taylor Christensen @taychristensen1 The University of Findlay Athletic Department has a system in place to help student-athletes and coaches navigate the safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. The color-coded system used by the athletic department was designed to allow for the most flexibility to look at sports individually to adapt to changes quickly […]

Ohioans had two opportunities to see President Trump on Monday

By Emma Smith Trump held two different rallies in Ohio on Monday near Toledo and Dayton. According to, Ohio Republicans are noticing a drop in support of the current president and Trump is feeling the need to win this important swing state. This is President Trump’s third trip to the Buckeye State this […]

Masks inhibit communication in the deaf community

Wearing masks while communicating in sign language takes away the most important part of the language: the facial expressions. By SadieJane Hill Wearing a mask to protect against COVID-19 helps many people, but also hinders one particular community in the process. Members of the deaf community are impacted by the virus in a different […]

Young student teachers dealing with the effects of the pandemic

Student teachers adjusting to new environment By Courtney Koebel @courtneykoebel Student teachers this year are facing something that many student teachers have never had to face. They are not only trying to navigate the new classroom atmosphere, but they are also trying to learn how to teach during a pandemic. Not all student teachers […]

All Eyes Are On A Possible COVID-19 Vaccination

By Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith  Vaccinations have to go through rigorous testing and trials before they can be given to the public. The two leading COVID-19 vaccinations are no different. Moderna and Pfizer are two companies among many that have scientists working on vaccinations and these two companies are the closest to being completed with […]

COVID Impacts Midwestern Collegiate Equestrian Programs

By Megan Berg In the face of COVID-19, the University of Findlay’s equestrian program is continuing in person, with specific guidelines and precautions in place to keep the students safe. Other midwestern collegiate equestrian programs have had very different responses, including Michigan State University. According to Meredith Marsh, the Director of Equestrian Studies and […]

Thousands of dollars and a lot of planning shape new classroom technology

by Pulse Staff University of Findlay students will notice some differences in many of the classrooms on campus this fall and the strategy behind the new set up took a lot of doing. Academic Technology Services (ATS), Information Technology Services (ITS), and the Center for Teaching and Program Excellence (CTE) worked together to get classrooms […]

June 4 brings dozens out to stand up for diversity

by Leah Alsept @leah_0913 More than 50 people attended the informal gathering organized by the City of Findlay in Dorney Plaza on June 4. Called a “collective demonstration of peace,” in the official press release, Mayor Christina Muryn introduced several figures in the community to speak on the topic of diversity, including founder of the […]

Sitting on the ball

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 Former University of Findlay basketball player Martyce Kimbrough began his second year playing professional basketball in Spain this year. But his season was cut short on March 11, when President Donald Trump announced travel from Europe to the United States would be suspended. “My first reaction to Trump shutting off travel […]

More information on Student Emergency Fund released

University of Findlay Vice President for Student Affairs Dave Emsweller announced today the procedure for University of Findlay students  who wish to seek help from the student emergency fund the University set up in late March. Emsweller stated: “The Student Emergency Fund provides financial support in the form of a one-time grant of up to $500 […]

The Unprecedented Epidemic: The Response

by Rowan Gnepper Unprecedented might just be the best way to sum up the Coronavirus.  No one expected its spread or effects to be as drastic as the climate that now is being endured, new twists unveiled each day. University of Findlay sophomore and soccer player Garrett Arbogast is taking the virus day-by-day. “I don’t […]

UF Community and beyond find ways to pass the time during the COVID-19 crisis

by Hope Brant With the Coronavirus pandemic worldwide, people are coming up with creative new ways to keep themselves busy during the stay-at-home order by the Ohio’s Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control, CDC.  Mikaela Hann, junior sonography major at the University of Findlay is staying busy chasing around the little ones […]

The international fall out of COVID-19 at the University of Findlay

by Leah Alsept @leah_0913 Karen Fullin studied TESOL at the University of Findlay. Soon after graduating, Fullin left the United States to teach at Guangxi University in China in August 2018. An English Language Instructor, Fullin covered multiple subjects like academic writing, basic statistics and research. She was set to teach linguistics during the 2020 […]

Findlay Athletics are sad, hopeful, and ready for the future

by Collin Frazier @Collin_53 With the country taking the measures to contain COVID-19, better known as the coronavirus, this unfortunately has halted all play in college athletics, including the University of Findlay, with all G-MAC conference play being canceled for the remainder of the season, as well as all travel. UF Athletic Director, Brandi […]

Hancock County identifies its first case of COVID-19

Hancock County Health Commissioner Karim Baroudi announced at news conference this afternoon, March 22, the first case of COVID-19 in Hancock County. “We got notification from Ohio Department of Health early this morning that a 21-year-old female, a Hancock County resident, has been confirmed with COVID-19,” said Baroudi. The case sets in to motion days […]

Hancock County’s first case of COVID-19 is a 21- year-old woman

The following news release was posted by Hancock Public Health March 22, 2020. PRESS RELEASE- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Multiple cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in Ohio over the past several weeks and more will be identified in the coming days and weeks. In Hancock County, we have been preparing for our first identified case […]

UF plans to finish the semester online and cancel the commencement ceremony

The following email was sent to UF students and faculty/staff at 4 p.m. (EST) Monday, March 16: Good afternoon. As promised, we would like to provide the following detailed update regarding our actions related to the COVID-19 situation. Given the Governor’s directives and the estimated duration of the situation, the University of Findlay will continue […]

Service workers trying to figure it all out because of COVID-19

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   Much like the rest of the world, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has impacted all aspects of life already in Ohio. From school closures to the most recent order closing restaurants dine-in services. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced the measure in a news conference Sunday, March 15. Lt. Gov. Jon Husted encouraged people […]

Pre-Vet and Equestrian students adjust to learning without the lab

Pre-Vet and Equestrian majors make up a large portion of students at the University of Findlay. These majors are very hands-on from working in labs to handling animals. Which poses a challenge for the new online remote learning style the university is switching to Monday, March 16. The switch comes after Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine […]

How students across Ohio feel about schools going online only

Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44   “This feels like the start to a really bad post-apocalyptic movie that I didn’t want to be in.” That’s how University of Toledo sophomore, Alyssa Jordan, feels about her school and many others across the state going online-only in the wake of COVID-19, better known as the Coronavirus. On Tuesday, […]

The University takes proactive stance on COVID-19

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine recommends all Ohio universities move to online instruction By Madelynn Greenslade and Pulse Staff The World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on March 11. One day after Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine made recommendations to Ohio universities and colleges on how to help prevent the spread of the virus. […]

University of Findlay responds to COVID-19 outbreak

The following is a letter released from University President Dr. Katherine Fell to the UF community. The Pulse Staff is dedicated to bringing the UF community important information regarding this issue.  “Dear Parents: The university has been in close contact with Governor DeWine’s Office regarding the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in order to ensure that we […]

Beating the winter cold and getting tropical

Collin Frazier @Collin_53   With the weather keeping cool, the Student Government Association (SGA) is hoping to heat up campus with its annual Casino Night. This year, SGA is celebrating its 20th year of putting on Casino Night, with the theme being a tropical “Cruising into 2020”. Casino Night coordinator and SGA Secretary Lauren […]

UF, the community, and media literacy

Leah Alsept @leah_0913   Dr. Diana Montague’s office is surrounded by literacy. Stepping inside her office one could instantly know she appreciates media and literacy through the books and movies she has stacked high on the shelves. Montague, the Professor and Chair of Communications, is the 2019-2020 University of Findlay Wilkin Chair. The theme […]

Stronger Together

By: Cory Berlekamp Email: Twitter: @Cberlekamp    According to the City of Findlay’s website, The University of Findlay and City of Findlay Police Department have made an agreement to assist one another on or around UF’s campus.             As stated on the website, the mutual aid agreement was executed on Aug. 5 and took […]

University of Findlay finally recycles

Orion Jones uses green thumb to make changes By: Olivia Wile Email: Twitter: o_wile                Aside from a few blue recycling bins in buildings like the Alumni Memorial Union and the Center for Students Life and College of Business, the University of Findlay has never had a formal system for recycling. Which, after being […]

A price not so sweet: the rising costs of insulin

By: Dylan Frazier Email: Last November, a study was conducted by the Congressional Diabetes Caucus and revealed that the price of Insulin has went up 300 percent from 2002-2013. According to Diabetes Self-Management’s webpage, insulin now costs between $400 and $500 a month without insurance. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported […]