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The question of gratitude

By Amy Rogan Assistant Professor of Communication & Adviser to The Pulse I have questions…but not the kind you might expect. I’m not distributing a quiz or issuing an assignment to my students. Just a few simple questions that may shift your focus from your “have-nots” to your “haves.” My sister recently gave me a […]

UF Community weighs in on the Climate Crisis

By Matthew Miller-Search The United Nations Glasglow Climate Change Summit held in October and November in the United Kingdom captured the attention of the world, including the Findlay community. Associate Professor of Environmental, Safety, and Occupational Health Management at the University of Findlay says Kim Lichtveld, Ph.D. says climate change is an issue that […]

UF promotes heart health at 2021 Homecoming 5k 

AphA-ASP and UF Cross Country and Track and Field team orchestrate another successful 5k  By Lauren Wolters  A homecoming tradition of more than ten years is the University of Findlay’s Homecoming 5k and this year it raised money for the local chapter of the American Heart Association. This year’s 5k began at 8 a.m. […]

From Injury to Inspiration

By: Pulse Staff UF football player shares his journey back from horrible injury The legacy of Oiler football is on full display on Homecoming weekend and the grit and perseverance that goes with it is embodied in many players. But junior Uriah Schwemley-Gieseler learned perseverance years ago as a freshman in high school. That’s when […]

Lady Oilers Soccer: New coach, same goal

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 Lady Oilers looking to surpass historic season under new coach After a historic 2019 season, the women’s soccer team was primed and ready for the next season ahead of them. Unfortunately, that came with a few bumps. Along with other sports around Oiler Nation being halted due to COVID-19, the […]

Reelection of Ugandan President is met with violent controversy

By Samantha Adkins Central Ohio missionaries recount the totalitarian rule of President Yoweri Museveni Central Ohio native, Cana Ditty, spent five and a half years in the African nation Uganda as a missionary with her family. She moved there with her family in 2015 but recently left them to return home to pursue her […]

New Bite app keeps the bites on campus

By: Lauren Wolters UF’s new mobile ordering is off to a slow but steady start The University of Findlay’s dining service implemented mobile ordering in the Refinery at the Center for Student Life and College of Business (CBSL) on Jan. 19. This new feature means that the UF community can use Sodexo’s Bite app […]

UF’s snow day erases everyday ease

By: Lauren Wolters woltersl1@ Major snowfall in Findlay cancels classes and creates work for UF’s Physical Plant The University of Findlay saw record breaking snowfall on Monday, Feb. 15. Hancock County went under a Level Three Road Alert Tuesday morning. UF canceled all in-person classes for Tuesday after the alert went out. Remote classes […]

“GameStonk”, Robinhood, and hedge funds: how the internet exploded Wall Street

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 GameStop’s frenzy has fizzled — but Congress will look under the ashes with their next hearing DIS, MCD, AMC, GME—these acronyms mean nothing to some people. And to others, they mean everything. Spelled out, these acronyms (also called stock symbols) are shortened names of the companies Disney, McDonald’s, AMC Entertainment, […]

Mary Wilson, original member of “The Supremes,” dies at 76

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Mary Wilson, original and longest-reigning member of The Supremes, has died at aged 76. The group was originally titled “The Primettes” and was slated to be the sister group to the “The Primes”. The four original members were Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Diana Ross, and Betty McGlown, all from the same […]


Column by: Riley Clark Lately there has been talk about Reddit wreaking havoc on the stock market, primarily targeting GameStop and Robinhood. The stock market in its current state is reporting on nearly every news source that Redditors are to blame for this recent dip in global stock trading. However, this is not the […]

A new era of “WandaVision”

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 Put on your goggles: The MCU makes its grand return with “WandaVision” With the last Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) picture being released back in July 2019 with “Spiderman: Far From Home.” Needless to say, I’ve been patiently waiting for the MCU to finally make its return to home media, which […]

Making a national statement

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 Sydney Kin earns USBWA National Player of The Week honors The University of Findlay basketball season has been in full swing since the winter break. The UF men’s and women’s teams showed off their skills and have received various accolades since the season began, including one such individual—Sydney Kin. Carey, […]

Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States

By: Emma Smith After a tumultuous campaign season and an even more divisive few weeks, Joseph Biden Jr. is officially the 46th U.S. president It’s official– Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been sworn in to serve as the leaders of the United States. Biden’s first speech to the public as 46th President […]

UF students respond to Michigan’s three week “pause”

by Lauren Wolters Beginning Wednesday Nov. 18, the state of Michigan began a Governor ordered three week “pause.” Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued the order on Sunday Nov. 15 in response to the record rising number of cases across the state. The number of hospitalizations and deaths in Michigan have also been increasing dramatically. University […]

Preparing for a very COVID-19 holiday

By Emma Smith With just days of face-to-face learning left for University of Findlay students thoughts are turning to Thanksgivings Day. UF junior education major, Hannah Otley, says Thanksgiving is going to look a little different at her house this year. She says her family is taking extra precautions to make sure their family […]

UF Professors adopt new strategies to fend off COVID-19

By Lauren Wolters With Turkey Day approaching and COVID-19 circling the University of Findlay community like a vulture, the UF community seems to have a lot more on their plates this year. Both students and faculty’s plates were piled high with the normal stress of a semester and the added stress of COVID-19 procedures. […]

Ohio Governor pleads for public cooperation in stopping the coronavirus

UF continues ongoing adjustments and considerations  By Leah Alsept @leah_0913 Governor Mike DeWine addressed Ohioans Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. which was a break from his traditional 2 p.m. news conferences. The address was from his home in Cedarville and was reminiscent of a Roosevelt-era fireside chat. But his message was simple: Wear your masks and […]

Student athletes feel the brunt of COVID-19

By Taylor Christensen Vice President of Student Affairs Dave Emsweller updated COVID-19 numbers Nov. 2 in a UF Update for the week of Oct. 25 to Oct. 31. He said there were 97 positive active cases (three community members were included), 34 pending test results, 73 completed tests that week, and 379 in a […]

The only “break” in spring break this year is broken plans

By Olivia Hyatt With cases on the rise, and Hancock county being a level two, the effects of COVID-19 strike again as the University of Findlay announces spring break is cancelled, sort of.  The UF Update sent out on Oct. 14 outlines the current plans for the Spring semester—virtual start on Jan. 11, return […]

4 Paws for Ability grows and adapts to COVID-19

By Megan Berg Seeing a dog on campus is common at Findlay, but the dogs with vests are working and learning alongside everyone else. UF 4 Paws for Ability is applying University of Findlay’s mission statement to canine learners—puppy raisers across campus are preparing Service Dogs in Training (SDiTs) for meaningful lives and productive […]

COVID-19 Changing Counseling

By Lauren Wolters COVID-19 has brought a few new changes to the University of Findlay’s counseling services as the illness has seemed to bring to everything else. Director of Counseling Services Jodi Firsdon says the first—and most major—of these changes is that all counseling appointments are via Zoom. Firsdon states that COVID-19 can be easily […]

Game three of the NBA Finals ends with a . . .walk off?

Lauren Wolters On Sunday night in game three of the NBA Finals, Jimmy Butler led the Heat to the 115-104 win, arguably having the greatest game of his career. Butler recorded a 40-point triple-double (40 points, 11 rebounds, and 13 assists). Only two other players in NBA history finished a finals game with a […]

Swinging into Success

Oiler Golf breaking records, winning tournaments, and receiving accolades left and right By Collin Frazier @Collin_53   With the fall portion of golf season wrapping up, both Men’s and Women’s golf at the University of Findlay have been making final pushes for a successful season. For the men’s season, it ended with a tournament […]

A world rooted in hate. Can we change?

Column by Alana Sundermann You would think by the year of 2020 we would have flying cars, a cure for cancer or maybe even free college but instead the world today is facing a pandemic, a climate crisis and the inequality of our criminal justice system.  The United States today follows a structure that […]

No Fall Break breaks hearts, but helps health

By Lauren Wolters As the University of Findlay spent the summer contemplating a more COVID-friendly environment for the fall semester it made the tough decision to cancel the annual mid–fall Recess for the 2020 academic year. Nearby Ohio colleges, such as Bowling Green State University and The University of Toledo, have done the same. […]

Students talk Rock the Mock and the first presidential debate of 2020

Students in the COMM 280 Mass Communication and Digital Media class had a discussion today about the upcoming campus wide mock election, Rock the Mock and the importance of voting. These students have been working on a digital media campaign practicing their mobile multimedia skills and learning to read analytics. This discussion was shot on […]

Campus ministries healing together

Students and staff speak out about how their reactions to the arrest of Saint Michael’s priest Father Zacharias By Kayla Canterbury On Aug. 18 former Saint Michael the Archangel priest Michael Zacharias was arrested and charged with sex trafficking of minors. The Federal Bureau of Investigation released an affidavit that detailed the case. Zacharias […]

Autumn has Arrived: A University of Findlay Guide with What to do for Fall 2020

By Kelsey Baughman Chilly weather and pumpkin décor outside of shops and homes can only mean one thing. Fall is here, Halloween is near, and you deserve some Autumn cheer! Although COVID-19 has affected many activities for Fall 2020, there are many fall attractions and events that are open and filled with the spooky, fall […]

Orange, Black, White, Red, what these colors mean at UF in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Taylor Christensen @taychristensen1 The University of Findlay Athletic Department has a system in place to help student-athletes and coaches navigate the safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. The color-coded system used by the athletic department was designed to allow for the most flexibility to look at sports individually to adapt to changes quickly […]

Ohioans had two opportunities to see President Trump on Monday

By Emma Smith Trump held two different rallies in Ohio on Monday near Toledo and Dayton. According to, Ohio Republicans are noticing a drop in support of the current president and Trump is feeling the need to win this important swing state. This is President Trump’s third trip to the Buckeye State this […]