Newly rejuvenated Chess Club welcomes mates

By: Heidi Paxson and Gary Zimmerman

The University of Findlay’s fledgling Chess Club has been successful so far, as the club continues to grow throughout the semester. The newly rejuvenated on-campus club welcomes all players of all skill levels. From beginners in the UF community who are willing to learn about the game of chess, to expert chess players, everyone is encouraged to attend the weekly meetings that are currently held every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in the Endly Room of the AMU.

Currently there are no competitions planned, since recruiting is club President Kaleb Brown’s top priority. However, Brown said that potential tournaments are being considered for the near future.

Brown, and club Treasurer Conner Whitaker’s love for the many aspects of chess is what led them to creating the club.

“It’s not just a game, but an exchange of intellectual competition,” Brown said. “when you find someone else that can strategize and form a method, you can have fun and feel stress-free from all of the priorities of school and your day on campus.”

Both Brown and Whitaker realized their passion for chess when they were children.

“I started playing the game when I was really young,” Brown said. “My dad was teaching me when I was five or six, and in the second grade I joined my school’s chess club, and by the third-grade I was captain for my chess team,” he said.

Whitaker also shared his passion for the game, “It exercises your mind, I started in my middle school chess club, and have been playing recreationally for seven or so years,” he said.

As President and Treasurer of the club, Kaleb Brown and Conner Whitaker welcome anyone who shares the same interest in strategizing, and who enjoys the game of chess like they do. Brown and Whitaker also wanted to remind students that free food will be available at various Chess Club meetings.

The recent spike in attendance has Brown excited to hold an extra meeting this coming semester, to accommodate new and inexperienced members, as well as schedule future competitions. Brown also wanted to send a challenge to the chess club members at The Ohio State University, and invite them to a formal tournament here at the University of Findlay.

 “We’re going to crush them,” Brown said.

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