University of Findlay to buy Winebrenner Theological Seminary

By: Olivia Wile
Twitter: o_wile

The University of Findlay has been busy both growing and expanding over the last few years. From renovations to the AMU last year, to the opening of the new Center for Student Life and College of Business this fall, UF continues to build on its foundation established in 1886.

The most recent project the University has taken on includes buying Winebrenner Theological Seminary and leasing it back to them.

A press release was posted on Thursday, Aug. 24 announcing the deal.
Winebrenner will continue to conduct classes in the building and house offices for faculty. However, new opportunities for UF to use the space will become available.

“[It’s] a very fine building,” University of Findlay president Dr. Katherine Fell, Ph. D states. “UF will look forward to making use of the beautiful facility for our students and faculty.”

Dr. Fell explains how to the change will impact students.

“This is not a radical change,” Fell states. “Students will find this a very smooth transition.”

The University of Findlay and WTS have been discussing the deal for several months. It was just recently, however, that the idea turned into a plan. It is anticipated that the deal will be finalized in Feb. 2018. Fell states the University plans to close on the deal in April and next summer changes will begin to be made.

Dr. Fell says that the University of Findlay has always valued its relationship with Winebrenner and explains how long the University of Findlay has been connected to WTS.

“Well since Winebrenner was established,” Fell states. “In fact, when the seminary first began it was a part of Findlay College.”

Both Fell and the University of Findlay are optimistic about the potential possibilities to arise with the ownership of Winebrenner.

“I look forward to providing opportunities for their students as well as ours,” Fell states. “[Students] will see it not only as a Winebrenner Theology Seminar space, but also a University of Findlay space.”
For a students’ perspective on the changes, check out Juliyana Straley’s opinion piece on page 4.

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