Super Party for the Super Bowl

Campus Ministries hold super bowl party

By Mac Williams

This past Sunday was arguably one of the biggest unofficial holidays of the year: Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowl LI featured the New England Patriots against the Atlanta Falcons, and was played in Houston, Texas at NRG Stadium on Feb. 5. This year, like years past, students have been able to attend a Super Bowl party hosted by Campus Ministries.

According to Matthew Ginter, Director of Campus Ministries, the party is held at Winebrenner Theological Seminary, and allows students to watch the game and meet new people.

“We open the doors at 6 p.m., and we provide pizza, chips, and soda for students to come and enjoy while they watch the game,” Ginter said. “All of the food and drinks are provided via donation from our affiliated denomination.”

The largest year of attendance they ever saw had upwards of 300 students come through the doors, according to Ginter. During slower years, he says as little as 125 or so students have shown up.  

“The number of students that show up for the event really depends upon who is playing in the game that year,” Ginter said. “If we have a year where the Steelers or another popular team is playing in the game we definitely see a boost in attendance during our event.”

But he benefits of the party extend beyond just watching the big game.

“Our party is meant to bring the campus community closer together,” Ginter said. We want people to get to know new people and really diversify their connections here on campus. “What better way to get people to interact with one another than to socialize over pizza and football, not to mention watching it on the biggest screen on campus.”

The student attendance for this year’s event is not yet known, but Ginter explained that he doesn’t think it will be much different from years past.

“I think people really enjoy our event, and I think it is something that is gradually starting to expand,” he said. “Whether you are a Patriots fan, a Falcons fan, or just watch for entertainment, we try to provide an event for everyone.”

Whether you decided to watch from home or attend the party, Campus Ministries provides a party for everyone to come and enjoy!

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