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Student-athletes vs. student actors schedules at the University of Findlay

By: Bo Terrill Twitter: @because_terrill Email: Student-athletes have a full plate from their schoolwork and practice schedule, but there is another group on campus that has to juggle their passion with the school work. Though their practice hours are not preparing them for a the big game, student actors and their rehearsal schedules prior […]

Observance for Veterans Day held at University of Findlay

By: Cory Berlekamp Email: Twitter: @Cberlekamp Nov. 9 marked the second annual reading of the names of University of Findlay’s veterans in the Center for Student Life and College of Business Building. University of Findlay’s Veteran Day Observance and reading of the names was an opportunity to honor the brave students who served our […]

Helping hands holds food drive

By: Abigail Frye Twitter: @Abigail_EF Email: The University of Findlay hosted its 13th annual Helping Hands food drive to gather items to give to CHOPIN Hall, otherwise known as Christians helping other people in need. Overall, 111,436 pounds were collected, ultimately being equivalent to 55 pallets of food that filled three semi-trucks with non-perishable […]

Getting through the hard part – students and staff take time to de-stress

By: Jill Prince Email: Coming into the last leg of the semester, stress becomes a very common feeling among college students. According to a 2018 study published in the journal Depression & Anxiety that surveyed 67,000 college students across more than 100 institutions, “Three out of four students reported having at least one stressful life event […]

UF provides basic life-skill classes for students

By: Brianna Hallman Marketing strategies and pharmaceutical equations will not help fix a flat tire in the middle of the night, and they definitely will not help fill out your taxes every year. With more and more emphasis being put on academics, students have lost the basic life skills that an older generation would call “common […]

Collision Conundrum

By: Eli Garmon There has been a common problem across campus involving unsafe driving techniques, and the problem areas are not contained solely on the roads but within the parking lots as well. University of Findlay sophomore Allison Adams experienced a crash the first week of classes, a collision took place in the parking lot behind […]

The campus of 1968 compared to the campus of 2018

By: Brianna Hallman Twitter: @hallmanbri Email: It is time to come home…for the class of 1968, a mere fifty years since they graduated. The Oilers that walked these halls, avoided the large red dots, and passed through the famous arch are coming back to what has changed on the University of Findlay’s historic campus. […]

Conor Bracken shares his poetry with UF

By: Abigail Frye Twitter: @Abigail_EF Email: The University of Findlay welcomed Conor Bracken, one of the newest additions to faculty, as he shared his poetry chapbook, “Henry Kissinger, Mon Amour”. Bracken read his poems aloud to students and staff that filled the College of Business building on Sept. 20. The chapbook contains issues that […]

The University of Findlay offers a class on medical cannabis

By: Grant Goetcheus Twitter: @goetcheusg Email: This fall the University of Findlay has started to offer a new class. The class medical cannabis is an elective to fourth and fifth-year pharmacy majors. The class will talk about the medicinal purposes of the drug. Topics discussed during the semester will include the most come diseases […]

Award winning Kosovan photographer Burim Myftiu comes to Findlay

Cory William Berlekamp Twitter: @Cberlekamp Email: The work of international visual artist and Kosovan Burim Myftiu will be on display at the Dudley and Mary Marks Lea gallery at the University of Findlay from Sept. 24 to Oct. 20 with the exhibit opening on Oct. 3. The exhibition on display is Myftiu’s photo series […]

Student organization fair welcomes students

By: Abigail Frye The University of Findlay held its annual Student Organization Fair in the AMU on Sept. 12 to welcome all UF students into new clubs. With the Student Government Association in charge, the fair was a success. Sydney Berlekamp, a junior nuclear medicine major, described the turn out as “fantastic, this is extremely […]

Voter purging: use it or lose it

By: Bo Terrill Twitter: @because_terrill Email: On Monday, Sept. 17 the University of Findlay hosted a presentation titled “Your Vote, Your Voice” which was presented by voting expert Mike Brickner.  Brickner presented this in honor of national Constitution Day at Winebrenner Theological Seminary.  Approximately forty people attended, with almost all of them being either […]

Student shows off Indian cuisine during cooking demonstration at Buford Center

By: Cory William Berlekamp Twitter: @Cberlekamp Email: On Sept. 6 at the Buford Center, the smell of peppers and rice filled the room as a group of people watched the chef of the day cook a dish from her home country. The chef is pharmacy student Manasa Akkineni and the dish she is preparing […]

Hendo food brings new students

By: Brianna Hallman Twitter: @hallmanbri Email: Hendo, famous for its hot cookies and chicken nuggets, is traditionally known as Henderson Dining Hall at the University of Findlay.  Housed in Deming Residence Hall, students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni have passed through its doors to seek warmth and hot food in the winter and a good […]

UF swim and dive helps Habitat for Humanity

By: Olivia Wile Twitter: o_wile Email: The grey skies and rain did not damper the service efforts of the University of Findlay men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams on Saturday, Sept. 8. The team met at 8 a.m. to help build Habitat for Humanity’s new restore located at 1200 Commerce Pky. Senior Colleen […]

Japan students visit Ohio through KAKE

By: Ethan Hockaday Once again, the KAKE Ambassadors have arrived here at the University of Findlay. Having arrived on Aug. 23 the students will end having spent three weeks in Findlay by the time they have left on Sept. 6. The KAKE Program is an educational agreement between the University of Findlay and the KAKE […]

University of Findlay leaves behind tobacco for the new year

Cory William Berlekamp Twitter: @Cberlekamp Email: At the start of the 2018 fall semester all of the ashtrays next to the doors have given way for a little sign reminding its students and faculty that University of Findlay is a smoke-free campus. David Emsweller, Vice President of Student Affairs, sent out an update in […]

New location for campus bookstore presents pros and cons

By: Grant Goetcheus Twitter: @goetcheusg Email: The University of Findlay added a new building last academic year and with it came some new features one of them being the relocation of the bookstore. Previously the bookstore had been right off of N. Main street. The bookstore is now called the Ruscilli Family Bookstore and […]

Sullivan and Winner named Mancuso Award winner’s

By Dylan DeWitt Email: Twitter: @dd_witt Every year, the University of Findlay athletic department awards a top male and female student athlete of the year. The award is known as the Mancuso Award and it honors the individuals based on a wide range of criteria in which the student athletes demonstrate on and off […]

Innovative Leadership Challenge

By: Alexis Mitchell Twitter: @alexismitch14 Email: The last couple of years, the Innovation Competition has given University of Findlay students the chance to thrive as young business men and women by inspiring them to create their own organizations and businesses. This year, things were changed up and the UF students got to host the […]

A decline in enrollment isn’t cutting it

By: Alexis Mitchell Twitter: @alexismitch14 Email: Recently, budget cuts have been made across the University of Findlay campus, and last week the UF community heard student’s perspective. Now, we hear from professionals who have answers to all the unasked questions. According to Anne Wells, director of business services, confirmed that budget cuts are being […]

Who is protecting your health

By: Grant Goetcheus Twitter: @goetcheusg Email: On Feb. 3, 2015, the Findlay City Council unanimously approved the merging of the City of Findlay and Hancock County health departments. A month later, on March 2, the two combined to form the Hancock County Public Health (HPH). Since then, the HPH has had success in providing […]

Findlay’s newest resource

By: Grant Goetcheus Twitter: @goetcheusg Email: Last fall, Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that a grant had been awarded to the Findlay Police Department. This grant established a Quick Response Team (QRT). The team will include one Findlay police officer and one QRT Coordinator from Century Health, Inc. Century Health has partnered with […]

UF Relay for Life hits decade milestone

By Bo Terrill and Olivia Wile Twitter: because_terrill o_wile Email: Relay For Life is a worldwide event that allows people to celebrate and remember those who have won, are still fighting and have lost their battle with cancer. For the 10th year in a row, joining those all over the word who support […]

His journey and the outcome

By: Martyce Kimbrough Email: From sleeping outside the night before taking the SAT, to being hit by a car, to shattering record after record, Senior Janko Radmanovic has had a stellar career on the University of Findlay men’s swimming and diving team. Radmanovic started swimming at three years old when a doctor suggested to […]

Healthy eating taking students by storm

photo by Pulse staff

By: Kelsey Nevius Email: As students enter Henderson Dining Hall at the University of Findlay, their stomachs rumbling and their tempers short from the classes of the day, they are greeted by the sights and sounds of the affectionately nicknamed, Hendo. Students hear the scrape of shoes on the linoleum floor, the distant chatter […]

The new and improved Cavaliers

By Dylan DeWitt Twitter: @dd_witt Email: The Cleveland Cavaliers have continuously been noticed as one of the best teams in the National Basketball Association and without a doubt the Eastern Conference favorite throughout the last five years. However, since the trade of Kyrie Irving, an all-star and major contributor of the success that has […]

Learning brought to life

By: Olivia Wile Twitter: o_wile Email: It matches the rest of campus; a low-rise, brick structure with grey letters spelling “The Virginia B. Gardner Fine Arts Building” on the side. Nestled behind the landmark that is the University of Findlay bell tower, the building itself houses its own piece of history; a hidden gem […]

LGBTQ community feels at home at UF

By: Cory Berlekamp Twitter: @Cberlekamp Email: According to, the University of Findlay is ranked third most conservative college in Ohio. With the hard line drawn between conservative spirituality and liberal sexuality, it might seem the LGBTQ community would not feel welcome at a traditionally Christian school. However, faculty and students agree this is […]