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In the autumn twilight… our fates are connected

By: Minal Bista Japanese Culture Club asks UF students to interpret a popular Japanese film “ 誰そ彼と 我をな問ひそ 九月の 露に漏れつつ 君待つ我を…” Dr. Hiroaki Kawamura and the Japanese Culture Club hosted a film viewing open to all UF students in November. The event was made up of three sessions: the first session consisted of simply watching […]

Unintentional Grounding 

Mask littering increases at the University of Findlay By Lauren Wolters  While the number of masks observed in public decreases, the number of masks littering the University of Findlay campus increases. Orion Jones, director of UF’s Physical Plant, says that the Physical Plant has been trying to pick masks up whenever they are spotted […]

The stresses of working as law enforcement

By Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Findlay native Dr. Stephen Tate gives a presentation to Oilers on mental health and wellness and LE officers It’s been years since Dr. Stephen Tate stepped foot in his native Findlay, Ohio. In the years he’s been gone, he’s received his Master’s in Divinity, a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and […]

Hitting highs with Helping Hands

By Pulse Staff The 16th annual Helping Hands food drive at the university made a staggering leap of 48,864 pounds of food donated over last year, setting a record of 214,559 pounds. This brings the total amount of food collected through this 16-year effort to 1,097,963 pounds. David P. Harr, the director of dining services […]

Working dogs: Cuddles with canines on campus

Dogs that work come in all forms, big, small, and midsize too! By Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Wouldn’t you just love to hug a friendly dog while you’re feeling down in the dumps? Well, that’s what therapy dogs do. They listen to people talk and don’t mind being pet by strangers. The University of Findlay […]

UF students get a ‘taste’ of foreign language 

Japanese, Spanish, and ASL programs host a language tasting event  By Lauren Wolters  On Thursday Oct. 21, 2021, the University of Findlay held its second Foreign Language Festival. The event ran from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Alumni Memorial Union (AMU) multipurpose room. Dr. Hiro Kawamura, an Associate Professor of Japanese led […]

From Injury to Inspiration

By: Pulse Staff UF football player shares his journey back from horrible injury The legacy of Oiler football is on full display on Homecoming weekend and the grit and perseverance that goes with it is embodied in many players. But junior Uriah Schwemley-Gieseler learned perseverance years ago as a freshman in high school. That’s when […]

Working at the Writing Center

By: Leah Alsept  @l_mac0913 Writers keep writing and tutors keep tutoring at UF’s Writing Center Students might have seen the Writing Center’s new location in CBSL 135. The new space is a big change for the program, which was originally located in the basement of Old Main. Oilers won’t have to go below ground […]

“Who let the dogs out?!” Working dogs: A series

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 Dog’s are a man’s best friend – or not?! As the saying goes: Dogs are a man’s best friend. But what kind of work do dogs do with people? Officers Matt Paugh and Jake Adkins are part of the K-9 unit in the Findlay Police Department. They train and work […]

STEAM – not just STEM, at the University of Findlay

 By: Olivia Hyatt University of Findlay’s New Conda STEAM Education Center brings hope to art education majors Art is a subject that, for a long time, enthusiasts have found to be underappreciated. At the University of Findlay, however, this under appreciation is not present. The university is known for its Mazza Museum, theatrical performances, […]

The power of the creative mind: 2021-2022 Wilkin Chair Series

By: Taylor Christensen @Taychristensen1 How would you describe yourself? Would you use the word ‘creative?’ Creativity is a skill that most stray away from when describing themselves, rather, ’logical’ or ‘analytical’ will be the first adjective someone chooses. But UF professor Anne Beekman is seeking out to change the minds of many. Beekman has […]

9/11 memorial held on UF’s campus

The University of Findlay held a memorial Sept. 10 to honor the lives of those who were lost in the Twin Towers attack on 9/11. Students, staff, and faculty were invited to attend the event that involved a prayer from Pastor Matt Ginter and a moment of silence. The City of Findlay also held a […]

“Love Orange. Live Green,” takes on a new meaning with UF’s new recycling partnership

By: Lauren Wolters UF signs five-year contract with Rumpke for co-mingled recycling Beginning Sept. 1, the University of Findlay will partner with Rumpke Waste & Recycling for co-mingled campus recycling. This means that students, faculty, and staff will no longer have to sort their own recycling. There will be one bin for all types […]

New year means sharpening time management skills

New UF students prepare for the high school to college transition By Sydney Kin                                                          As many students, and student athletes head to the University of Findlay campus this fall, some students may find it challenging to development time management.             Caitlin Bamberger, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at UF, […]

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day continues to be absolutely incredible for the SAB


By: Lauren Wolters The University of Findlay’s Student Activities Board (SAB) wrote about 100 letters to children on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day  The University of Findlay’s Student Activities Board (SAB) wrote about 100 letters to children on Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, in the Alumni Memorial Union on March 12. The Camp Fire partnered event […]

“United We Stand”: UF Japanese program fights against hate crimes

By: Lauren Wolters UF raises awareness to the recent uptick of Asian hate crimes in the United States The University of Findlay’s Japanese program invited two speakers, Grace Leng and Sachiyo Peterson, from the Columbus area to share their experience as Asian Americans. This event occurred virtually on Zoom April 12 from 6 p.m. […]

Of all the bird brain ideas…

UF students prep for research by learning to dissect pigeon brains By Heather Brimmer You normally wouldn’t think of pigeons when you think about research, but it turns out that those birdbrains are pretty useful to the study of psychology. For Taylor Hudson, a University of Findlay freshman studying animal science/pre-vet, pigeon research is […]

UF art faculty and students primed for the Student Art & Design Exhibition

By: Lauren Wolters The University of Findlay’s Juried Art Show is back after being cancelled last year This year’s Juried Art Gallery showcases the wide array of talent among University of Findlay student artists. The gallery will be on display in the Lea Gallery of the Virginia B. Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion from April […]

Uncertainty remains for Spring 2021 graduation

By: Sydney Kin Worries hound University of Findlay students while an altered graduation looms around the corner Graduation will continue to look different for the 2021 seniors, not unlike their predecessors from the class of 2020. “I personally think graduation will still be on in the Spring because there is a vaccine now,” Senior […]

More than a dozen cars vandalized on campus

University of Findlay Campus police sent out a UF Update via email shortly before 1 p.m. Friday March 5 requesting help in an investigation into vandalized cars on campus. The incident was discovered Friday morning in the parking lot behind the Davis Street Building. Fifteen cars were vandalized according to the University police. Some cars […]

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week stands out at UF

By: Emma Smith @Emma2000Smith Oilers Go All Out For Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week Faculty and staff appreciation week is a week of thanking each individual for the work they do for the students on campus and the people they are. The events occur throughout the week of March 1 with multiple days of […]

New Bite app keeps the bites on campus

By: Lauren Wolters UF’s new mobile ordering is off to a slow but steady start The University of Findlay’s dining service implemented mobile ordering in the Refinery at the Center for Student Life and College of Business (CBSL) on Jan. 19. This new feature means that the UF community can use Sodexo’s Bite app […]

Self-care in snowy weather

By: Heather Brimmer UF Counseling Services provides self-care packages for exhausted students Last week, the University of Findlay’s Counseling Services handed out self-care packages to many students that have been struggling with mental health during the pandemic. The boxes were filled with items such as gift cards, fidgets toys, and journals. More than 200 […]

UF’s snow day erases everyday ease

By: Lauren Wolters woltersl1@ Major snowfall in Findlay cancels classes and creates work for UF’s Physical Plant The University of Findlay saw record breaking snowfall on Monday, Feb. 15. Hancock County went under a Level Three Road Alert Tuesday morning. UF canceled all in-person classes for Tuesday after the alert went out. Remote classes […]

Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures loom over Findlay

By: Lauren Wolters Punxsutawney Phil predicted it—another 6 weeks of a cold winter blankets the nation February has arrived, and it has brought more snow and colder temperatures along with it. Temperatures in Findlay fell to single digits this past weekend. Counting the wind chill, temperatures hovered around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The recent snow […]

Making a national statement

By: Collin Frazier @Collin_53 Sydney Kin earns USBWA National Player of The Week honors The University of Findlay basketball season has been in full swing since the winter break. The UF men’s and women’s teams showed off their skills and have received various accolades since the season began, including one such individual—Sydney Kin. Carey, […]

UF responds to a virtual spring semester

By: Lauren Wolters Oilers face the first week of the spring semester fully online  The University of Findlay kicked off its spring semester a little differently for the new year. For the first time ever, the first week of classes occurred completely remotely. In other words, the usual introductions and syllabus-run-throughs were administered via Zoom. Naturally, the UF community had a lot to say about […]

UF’s theater program’s unique semester

By: Leah Alsept @l_mac0913 The theater program has found ways to persevere through COVID-19 obstacles  The University of Findlay’s theater program has gone through many changes since COVID-19 entered the stage. But Meriah Sage, Assistant Professor of Theater at the University of Findlay, thinks that the coronavirus has hindered—and helped, the theater program last […]

All things, good and bad, must come to an end at some point…right?

Column By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 As I sit here in my guest room in my house for the eighth straight day because I got coronavirus, it got me thinking about life after getting out of this guest room. When will it end? Will I be the same? Will I feel the same? I can […]

Two universities handle COVID-19 in slightly different ways

By Courtney Koebel @courtneykoebel      COVID-19 has changed campuses around the country. Some going to virtual learning and some still attending in person classes. The Governor of Ohio Mike DeWine has given universities the freedom to create their own COVID-19 response and only required them to report their cases to the students and community […]

University of Findlay’s recent deer crash creates a stir in “Hendoe” Dining Hall

By Kelsey Baughman University of Findlay Henderson Dining Hall received an unexpected guest, a doe, who made quite a bold entrance smashing through two windows during lunch on Oct. 23. Paul Pavala, a Senior Computer Science major with an emphasis on Web and Database at the University of Findlay, was one of the students […]

UF Professors adopt new strategies to fend off COVID-19

By Lauren Wolters With Turkey Day approaching and COVID-19 circling the University of Findlay community like a vulture, the UF community seems to have a lot more on their plates this year. Both students and faculty’s plates were piled high with the normal stress of a semester and the added stress of COVID-19 procedures. […]

Schooling from Home

How one UF student dealt with having COVID-19 By Dylan Frazier @dylanfrazier44 As the University of Findlay balances the act of having classes on campus while keeping everyone safe from COVID-19, some students were still exposed to the virus. Scott Jennings, a student at UF, contracted the virus. Jennings says that when he first […]

Don’t Stop the Party?

By Lauren Wolters Halloween at the University of Findlay looked a little different this year. Students were advised to keep their gatherings small, to not share food, stay outside, and disinfect EVERYTHING. Masks were required as well but not by the usual costume party standards. Vice President for Student Affairs Dave Emsweller sent out […]

4 Paws for Ability grows and adapts to COVID-19

By Megan Berg Seeing a dog on campus is common at Findlay, but the dogs with vests are working and learning alongside everyone else. UF 4 Paws for Ability is applying University of Findlay’s mission statement to canine learners—puppy raisers across campus are preparing Service Dogs in Training (SDiTs) for meaningful lives and productive […]