UF provides basic life-skill classes for students

By: Brianna Hallman

Marketing strategies and pharmaceutical equations will not help fix a flat tire in the middle of the night, and they definitely will not help fill out your taxes every year.

With more and more emphasis being put on academics, students have lost the basic life skills that an older generation would call “common knowledge.”

UF Counseling Services is combatting this learning epidemic by offering students the chance to learn skills they need to survive adulthood, aptly calling them “Adulting 101.”

Assistant Director of Counseling Services Jodi Firsdon is hoping students come out of college prepared with personal and practical abilities, ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

“This is just another way for the university to keep to the mission statement: ‘Meaningful lives. Productive Careers,’” said Firsdon. “Our hope is they will feel a greater resilience in managing their adult lives.”

The practical classes are taught by volunteers in the local community, and the emotional and mental strength classes are taught by the UF’s own Counseling Services.

With the mounting pressures of taking classes, participating in clubs, completing internships, and hopefully having a social life, there is little time left to learn the necessities.

“I spend most of my day in class, and after that’s done, I spend the rest of the day studying for that class. Things like learning how to care for my car have never been an emphasis,” said first-year physical therapy student Traci Langenderfer.

While many at Findlay are book-smart, the Counseling Services team noticed that something was missing in the students’ curriculum, and students were panicking over the little things.

“We know our students have strengths. These can be enhanced to help them manage life’s circumstances,” said Firsdon.

One of classes that Langenderfer is looking forward to learning how to cook.

“Mac’ and cheese is all I know, so it’s probably time to branch out,” said Langenderfer who is also interested in the self-defense class due to her love of running and hiking by herself.

Adulting 101 provides all the information a student needs in a short period of time, and it is often served with some free food. The next session provides some relaxing yoga to let go of your stress.

“Get ready to reconnect the mind, body, and spirit.” said Firsdon.


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