All Campus Picnic draws a crowd

By: Pulse Staff

Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, ice cream. The University of Findlay All Campus Picnic had all the makings of a great cookout on Sunday Aug. 19. Over 1,500 people packed the Cory Street Mall and beyond filling wooden tables and chairs and celebrating a fresh start of the new year to loud music and lots of laughter.

Shown: Reggie Micheaux

Standing in a long line for his portion of the evening meal, freshman Reggie Micheaux  says he is studying physical therapy and he is just ready to learn so he can give back to people and help them through therapy.

Shown: Dominic Bracken

Junior Dominic Bracken grabbed some ice cream at the picnic and reflected on life his freshman year. 

“I lived in the Vill(age) my freshman year and I was away from all the freshmen. Everyone there was a sophomore so I didn’t have any friends for, like, ever. So you really just got to go out and talk to people,” said Bracken.

P2 pharmacy major, Racheal Hendershot agrees that staying in your room may be less scary but getting out and about is a good thing.

“I know it’s hard. But just showing up and talking to people-it really makes a difference. Especially (talking) to upperclassmen,” said Hendershot.

Shown: Racheal Hendershot

Bracken and Hendershot both are focused on the challenging pharmacy program as well.

With a good sense of humor, Bracken notes his junior is going to be a challenge.

“I’m not going to say I’m excited for school because it’s really hard but just excited to be back and see all of my friends. And just get back in the groove, in a routine,” said Bracken.

Hendershot is ready for the demands of her second year in the program.

“What I’m probably looking forward to the most is learning more about the pharmacy profession. Finally getting ready for third year, learning what we’re going to go through when we get our white coat ceremony because they’re going to start introducing it to us,” said Hendershot.

Freshman nursing student Ryan Nocero, is getting mentally ready for the next academic challenge but he says he’s not nervous about much.

Shown: Ryan Nocero

“Not really – just getting to my classes on time, that’s the probably the major one,” said Nocero. “I want to have at least good grades and get through without any bad things happening.”

Each year brings something new to students at UF.

“This year I’m off campus for the first time. I’m living with some of the guys on the field right now (soccer players). And real excited to just have a home,” said Bracken. “The dorms are fun but it feels like I’m adulting.”

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