Student organization fair welcomes students

By: Abigail Frye

The University of Findlay held its annual Student Organization Fair in the AMU on Sept. 12 to welcome all UF students into new clubs. With the Student Government Association in charge, the fair was a success.

Sydney Berlekamp, a junior nuclear medicine major, described the turn out as “fantastic, this is extremely promising for the future of our clubs.” Many other students involved in various clubs agreed, stating that this was the most participation they had seen in recent years.

“It’s great to see people getting involved on campus and learning about the clubs!” said Berlekamp. As a member of the Pre-Medicine club, she informed those who visited her table. “This club would be perfect for students who wanted to get involved with the community and receive opportunities with other medical professionals.”

Many other clubs had the goal of reaching out to newer students that were looking for opportunities. Lydia Gillen, a junior physical therapy major, stated “the Student Organization Fair allows clubs to get their name out to all students and especially the freshmen.”

Other club members of Gerontology agreed with Gillen, also expressing how this helps let students know about what is happening on campus, different service opportunities and how they can make important connections for their future.

Gillen also described the larger turn out than previously expected, saying “yes, there are quite a few people, it’s pretty loud in here.”

Aaron Mahon, a junior pre-vet major, described what the student organization fair meant to him.

“I love getting exposed to so many different organizations,” said Mahon. “It helps me get involved on campus.”

Mahon also helped other students become open to different organizations as he welcomed many new freshmen and other UF students into the Scholarship and Research Society Club in hopes of connecting them to new research opportunities.

Overall, many clubs members described this event as a success with only a few offers of helpful tips for future fairs.

“Maybe we could have it outside next year to get even more participation,” suggested Gillen.

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