Japan students visit Ohio through KAKE

By: Ethan Hockaday

Once again, the KAKE Ambassadors have arrived here at the University of Findlay. Having arrived on Aug. 23 the students will end having spent three weeks in Findlay by the time they have left on Sept. 6.

The KAKE Program is an educational agreement between the University of Findlay and the KAKE Educational Institute. The KAKE Institute includes the Okayama University of Science, Specialized Training College, High School, Junior High School and many more. Wright State University and several universities in Brazil are also included the in the agreements.

While here they have sampled some of what Ohio has to offer by going to Cedar Point, visiting Riverdale Elementary School, and completing a homestay. They will end their time here by having a farewell reception with their host families and fellow students.

Kyoko Hori, one of the students participating in the KAKE program, said that “this was her first time in America” and that “she had enjoyed her time here and with her homestay family.” She hopes that she will be able to see them again and that when she does so that her English will have improved. During her homestay she went to the Dayton Airforce Museum, helped make several meals for her family, and went to a farmer’s market.

The universities in the program all send delegations to japan during the summer to participate in the KAKE program. Each university sends about eight people to participate in the program, for about one month the students will participate and learn about Japanese culture. During their time there, they will visit several universities, visit several sight-seeing places, including the peace memorial museum in Hiroshima, and complete several homestays. They will also meet with the mayor and governor of Okayama. 

Every year since 2004, the University of Findlay completes two sections of the KAKE Program. In the fall they receive the KAKE Ambassador group, this year consists of nine students from the Okayama University of Science, and in the summer they will send the KAKE Bridge program. If any student is interested in joining the KAKE Program, they can contact the Buford Center for more information.

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