PulseTV welcomes new assistant manager

By Kendall Westgate, WestgateK@Findlay.edu

With the growing need for another professional working for PulseTV, manager Jayson Geiser welcomed his new assistant manager Noah Laughlin to help ease the workload burden.

“Noah has jumped right into his new job, taking over many of the responsibilities of directing our athletic broadcasts. In his first month on campus, he has also begun creating graphics for those broadcasts, as well as shooting and editing interviews for air on multiple platforms,” Geiser said. “He will continue to grow in this position over the coming months, adding new responsibilities as they arise and helping me with the overall ‘big picture’ of how we want Pulse TV to operate.”

When Geiser was hired in the summer of 2022, he was put in charge of a wide array of responsibilities for just one manager. For his work, he was sometimes needed at more than one event at the same time, which is why Laughlin was brought in.

“What I’m looking forward to most is working with the students and helping them grow their skills,” Laughlin said. “The reason for that is because when I was a student worker, I came into the job knowing nothing about how anything worked, but I also had really good mentors and people I could turn to that would give advice and really taught me everything I know today. So being able to be that person now that can help a student that was in my position when I was in college is a really awesome opportunity.”

Laughlin has been working in the TV industry for about seven years. He worked for BCSN, Toledo Mudhens, Toledo Walleye and freelanced for CBS sports and ESPN. Laughlin shared what brought him into the TV industry.

“What got me into TV production was a family friend actually. When I was still in high school my mom was a single parent and had so many responsibilities that sometimes she wasn’t able to take me to school in the morning. Because of this a family friend ended up taking me. Which on the surface doesn’t seem like anything special, but as we would talk, he would discuss his job which was being an engineer for the TV station on campus for BGSU. Eventually, I would decide that I was going to go to BGSU to continue my education and through my connections I was able to start working at the same tv station on campus which is where everything really started for me,” Laughlin said.

This semester, UF students can look forward to more content posted on PuleTV socials about the different sports seasons, like basketball, wrestling and swim. Laughlin stated his favorite part of joining the PulseTV team has been seeing the passion everyone has to grow PulseTV.

“I think it is important to point out that we aren’t just benefiting from hiring an assistant manager, we are benefiting from hiring the right assistant manager. From the first time anyone associated with making this hire met Noah, we all knew he was the right person for the job,” Geiser said. “He has the proper experience.  He has a tremendous skill set.  And just as importantly, he has the same attitude as the rest of us – an inner drive to make every project the best it can be, and the best of its kind.  Not just anyone could have stepped into this role as seamlessly as Noah has.  I am certain that the benefits of his hire stretch well beyond just my staff: into the Athletic Department, the rest of the Comm Department, and to everyone who requires our services.”