Student Stories: From Cowgirl Boots to Crowns

A Journey From Showing Steer to the Queen of Adams County

By Andrea Hoffman

Every young girl dreams of becoming a queen one day, but for University of Findlay student Callie Neuenschwander it’s not just a dream, it is her reality. Neuenschwander is a freshman at UF in the Pre-Veterinary program and this past June was crowned Miss Adams County, Indiana queen.

“When they said my name I was very shocked,” Neuenschwander said. “I was nervous about what being queen was going to bring, and didn’t know what it would be like.”

Although she was nervous at the start, Neuenschwander didn’t let these jitters get to her and immediately stepped into the role of queen.

“I planned several community events where I was out and engaging with the public,” says Neuenschwander. “I was really focused on being a light in our community and representing Adams county with pride.”

Acknowledging the reality of any journey, Neuenschwander shared that her time as Miss Adams County Queen has not been without challenges.

“I struggled balancing confidence with humbleness and trying to make sure I wasn’t receiving special treatment because of my title,” she said.

Neuenschwander and her family raise more than 1,200 cattle on their family farm in Berne, Indiana. “It was hard managing my cattle and my queen duties as both require a lot of time and dedication.”

Neuenschwander expressed gratitude towards her experience as Miss Adams County queen and believes that her experience has equipped her with skills crucial for her future at UF and beyond.

“It helped me with my confidence and being able to talk with people of all different backgrounds,” Neuenschwander said. “It has taught me I can be well rounded. I can be a hardworking, country girl but still get dressed up and wear a crown.”