New coaches for UF

By Sam Hardenbergh,

The University of Findlay is welcoming seven coaches, either new to the University or new to their positions with the University.

New coaches include Isaac White as the women’s basketball assistant coach, Amy Long as the head women’s lacrosse coach, Beth Hemminger as assistant coach with women’s lacrosse, Justin Fisher as an assistant track and field coach, Codey Cole and Justin White as assistant football coaches and Diego Santos moving from assistant to head coach of the swim and diving teams.

Even though they are new to the University of Findlay, they feel right at home and seek to leave their mark and help elevate Findlay athletics to new heights.

Long is one of the newest additions to the Oiler Family as she was announced July 28, 2023. Long has been Coaching for the past 15 years but has coached at the collegiate level since 2010.

Long knows it’s about more than sports.

“UF provides support for our student-athletes,” Long said. “From academics to athletic training to strength and conditioning to the Oiler Success Center, our students are set up for success and supported as they face challenges.”

Long does not feel as though she is an outsider in the community but very welcomed to a new experience.

“UF is a welcoming community where you feel supported.” Long said. “It’s clear everyone here wants to see each one of our students succeed.”

Long is most excited for conference play.

“The team is hungry and doing the work to prove we are the best team in the G-MAC,” Long said.

Long’s ultimate goal is the team to the NCAA Tournament, which has never been done before.

Charles Cole, recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach is also a newcomer to the University of Findlay but he has also been here for almost a year since he arrived during spring football last semester.

Though it has been almost a year, Cole still feels as welcome as the day he arrived.

“It has been great for me. Really nice people, great environment to get better as far as the football side.” Cole said “As far as campus, like I said nice people, great place to be. It’s a home vibe as soon as you step on campus.”

Cole says he sees himself here for a long while due to the connections he has made.

“I’d say the relationships, just the people on campus and the coaching staff,” Cole said.

“Everybody is in it for the right reasons.”

Cole says the players are some of the best he has been with.

“Very accepting, I mean, he’s one of the best kids I have been around as far as team wise,” Cole said. “I think the most exciting part was that they were eager to learn from a football standpoint and a life standpoint.”

Cole also is not just interested in growing the players ability but also their outlook on life and help to build a better relationship with God.

“My number one goal is to truly, like truly try to get as many players as I possibly can to Christ. I feel like that is our life goal,” Cole said. “I feel like God blessed me with the opportunity to be able to use the game of football to do that.”

Cole also says that he intended to help his players grow as men and learn with them to better their lives and his as well.

Justine White, running backs coach for UF Football, is one of the newest members to the football team staff, arriving in the summer before the players reported for camp.

White used to coach at Defiance College.

“I mean, the University of Findlay is well known in the state of Ohio,” White said. “It’s done a great job of building this prestigious program and winning.”

White has always been impressed by the team culture.

“Seeing it from afar, coming from Defiance College about an hour up the road, always seeing those guys carrying themselves as professionals,” White said. “I always thought this program was just very professional and did things the right way.”

After arriving at the University and getting involved with his position group, he was more than happy seeing how resilient and professional the guys in his room are.

“I’m very thankful to come in and coach some of the older players like Brian Benson, Garrett Clark, guys that have proven, that have been tested, that lead the group consistently,” White said. “I think they’ve bought into my coaching style and the culture that I wanted to bring in.”

White really hits home that he sees his players as family and wants to help instill more values for them to live by as well.

“I’m very family oriented and I wanted them to understand that I am here on and off the field,” White said. “And help them develop as young men.”