Excitement swirls around upcoming UF swim season

Restrepo wins silver in South American championship 

By Lauren Wolters, WoltersL1@Findlay.edu

The University of Findlay swim team includes members from all over the world including Denmark, Mexico, England and many others. Many of the members on the men and women’s team have an extensive swimming career that goes beyond the UF swim season. One such member is freshman Santiago Arteaga Restrepo from Sogamoso, Colombia. 

Restrepo’s main stroke is freestyle. He usually competes in the 50-, 100-, and 200-meter speed events. He has been swimming for about 11 years and has competed in various tournaments across the world. 

“I have represented my country 7 times in: Peru, Argentina, Israel, El Salvador, Colombia, [and the] Dominican Republic,” Restrepo said in an email interview. 

Across these competitions Restrepo has been named “champion,” “record holder,” and “multiple medalist.” 

Restrepo recently competed in a South American championship in Argentina. He won three silver medals in the competition. 

I feel very proud to be able to represent my country in these tournaments, always representing it in the best way, and leaving the name of Colombia at the top,” Restrepo said. 

Restrepo explained that all the tournaments require minimum times for athletes to be eligible to compete. In some cases, an individual must finish first or second place in a particular event to be eligible for the tournament. 

Restrepo decided to continue his swimming career at UF because he thinks the campus is nice, and the swim team is very good. He also explains why he decided to pursue swimming initially. 

“It is a very complete sport, and [it] helps [you] to have a good physical and mental state. My brother also practiced this sport, and he was another reason why I decided to start in the world of swimming.”  

Restrepo has earned several awards and recognitions throughout his career from representing Colombia internationally and through his Colombian soccer club. 

“I have received awards such as: ‘Revelation Athlete,’ ‘Best Youth Swimmer,’ ‘”Best Swimmer of the Championship,’ ‘Greatest Medalist of the Tournament,’ [and] ‘Best FINA Points Event,’” Restrepo said. 

Restrepo looks to continue this success on UF’s swim team and is excited for the season to begin. 

“We have a very good team,” Restrepo said. “I am very happy to be part of it. I really want to start competing because I know that UF will have very good results.” 

The men and women’s swim team will host the Black and Orange Alumni Meet Friday Sept. 29 and Saturday Sept. 30. The regular swim season will commence on Oct. 20th in a home meet against Ashland University.