Are we celebrating Christmas too early?

By: Olivia Wile


Twitter: o_wile


Here we are again. The days are getting shorter and shorter, the temperature is drastically cooler and leftover Halloween decorations and candy now sit in the clearance aisle.

Another spooky season has come and gone and now we wait patiently to gorge ourselves on Thanksgiving, at least I do. Without a Turkey in our fridges yet, though, is it really time for Christmas to be on the radar, too?

I’m honestly kind of indifferent about the entire topic, because, like, I don’t hate Christmas. I agree with Andy Williams, it’s the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” I would argue, though, that summer is a close second or ties with it. I also have a summer birthday though, too, so, a little bias, but that’s beside the point.

However, it’s sort of conflicting to walk through Kroger and pass turkeys ready to be cooked up on November 28, Halloween candy and pumpkin spice everything on clearance AND Christmas decorations.

According to the article, “How Early are Department Stores Getting in on Christmas Decorations,” department stores are just as conflicted as I am. Macy’s says, “It takes a while to get all of our stores set with holiday trip shops, and we aim to have holiday decor merchandise available for our customers when many begin shopping.”

Nordstrom spokesperson John Bailey has a different philosophy, though. He states, “As a company, we believe in celebrating one holiday at a time. We’ve had a long-standing tradition of waiting until after Thanksgiving to unveil our holiday decorations at our stores.”

Not to mention the radio. The article, “Lancaster Radio Station Already Playing Christmas Music 24/7” reports a small town in Philadelphia is already airing their festive playlist full time. Other stations won’t begin blasting Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is You” for another few weeks. Side note, if you have a Twitter, did you see her tweet about getting a call from Santa at 12 a.m. on November 1? I guess I would be just as excited for the Christmas season, too, if I had gained 60 million dollars in royalties off of my song.

Nonetheless, is it time to break out the Christmas sweaters, pop on a Hallmark movie, and sing along to Michael Bublé, or should we just stick to “gobble gobble?”


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