Why Oilers should go to the fair

By Kelsey Nevius 


Growing up in a small town here in Ohio, the end of summer meant two things to me. First, that school was just around the corner, and second, it ushers in the beginning of fair time. Most of us from around the area know all about the fair schedule and when each county has their fair. Though it’s the beginning of classes once more, the fair is always an event I look forward to and I’m sure most of the students from around the area would say the same. Nevertheless, with in-state and out-of-state students alike, I believe that the upcoming Hancock County Fair should be something you shouldn’t miss.

Fairs, of course, always include the essentials: greasy and guilt-filled yet delicious food, games of skill and chance, and animal competitions and showings. As well as the fun of fair, it also includes competition with the addition of Fair King and Queen contests, exhibits, and various Jr. Fair competitions.

The Hancock County Fair, running from Sept. 2 through Sept. 7, includes all of those activities and some unique to the fair as well. Along with the usual festivities, the Hancock County Fair also features special events. These include Harness Racing for Susan G. Komen on September 3rd, KOI Drag Racing on the 4th, a Cheerleading Competition and Rodeo on the 5th, and all of it wrapped up with Tractor Pulls and a Demolition Derby on the 6th and 7th.

Whether you’re just heading to the fair to walk around and see the animals, getting in line for the various carnival-style rides, or attending one of the special events, the fair is almost always one of the most anticipated summer events. If you’re from the country like I am, these fairs provide you a chance to both exhibit any skills you have by entering competitions and walk around to have a great time with your friends. If you’re from out of state or even out of the country, the fair would be a perfect time for you to experience something new and relax from a hard day of classes.

For me, fairs have always been something special, something of a last memory of summer right before the school year starts. Even if you don’t get to go to Hancock County’s Fair, there are so many others around this area that are just as wonderful. I say you should definitely take a trip to the fair before it closes on the 7th, before you have to wait a whole year for the fair to roll back into town again.


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