Rise in enrollment: Freshmen class makes history

By Jordyn Willis 


The 2015-2016 school year brings new records in enrollment numbers and a much larger incoming class of freshman to The University of Findlay.

Based on the day two statistics of enrollment for The University of Findlay, all aspects of enrollment at UF have increased, according to enrollment management at UF. These include aspects like international students, first year, undergraduate and graduate students.

Historically, UF takes a snapshot of the second day enrollment numbers for comparison of previous years. Enrollment is not official until the eighth day of class, which this year is Wednesday, Aug. 26.

According to Rebecca Butler, vice president of enrollment management, there are several factors as to why the enrollment has grown so much within the last year.

“First and foremost, when new students visit, we as a campus have always done a fabulous job of welcoming them,” said Butler. “We have had several parent comments already about how impressed they were with the University’s ability to come together to help students get more involved, help with getting accommodated, advising, and so on.”

Butler believes that the “we care” message that Findlay displays is definitely out in the community.

As for the admissions office, a more customized enrollment methodology is employed. UF admissions staff use a four-year total calculator to plan for the new prospective student’s entire time here at The University of Findlay.

“The second reason I think enrollment has increased is that we are purposeful and intentional to recruit students to be a graduate here,” said Butler. “Everything is designed to set them up to graduate from UF.”

The third reason that Butler says deserves credit for the enrollment increase is Findlay’s wide and diverse mix of majors and areas of study.

“We’ve always had a history of creating programs to meet the needs of the community,” said Butler.

This, in turn, helps enrollment increase.

Enrollment projections let the University know months in advance what the enrollment numbers are expected to look like for the upcoming academic year.

Once the staff receive these projections, they convene a working group of professionals that discuss such enrollment-related topics like class sizes, student housing, and facilities.

“Some of the construction you’ve seen around campus this year was already in the master plan,” said Butler, “but some of it is also due to the increase in enrollment.”

Morey and Myer dorm halls have been renovated for this academic year. Morey has added more rooms to accommodate for the increase in on-campus living.

When asked if she thought the University’s enrollment would continue to rise in years to come, Butler stated that UF is not looking specifically to grow just for growth’s sake, but is looking to grow by academic program and student type.

“Yes, I believe enrollment will probably continue to grow, but strategically,” said Butler. “The composition may look different each year.”

Butler said that though the enrollment may continue to increase, the quality of the students accepted will not be hindered.

“One thing that will never change here is that The University of Findlay is committed to the quality of students who are coming in to study here,” said Butler. “This year is not only our largest class but also our most academically gifted as well.”




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