Findlay seniors share recommendations for future freshmen

Findlay seniors talk about what they missed their own first years, and offer advice to current and future freshmen for a better experience

By Kate Dhuy,

No senior wants to admit that they missed out during their college experience, but sometimes it just happens. As they begin to look towards graduation next semester, or the start of their journey into higher education, a few seniors at the University of Findlay share what they missed. These reflections, along with some tips, stand to offer current and incoming freshmen a more fulfilling first year experience.

Graduate student Laiyiag Alvarato originally came to Findlay for the tennis team, but is now pursuing her master’s in Business Administration. “I know (the University) is trying to be more diverse and inclusive,” she said. “As an international student, I will say they’ve been doing a good job, especially with orientation week. I hope going forward they keep providing help to make this place [the students’] home.”

Alvarato says she would like to have known more about resources as a freshman. She recalls not seeing much advertisement about what the school has to offer during her orientation week.

“Honestly, I wish I would have known things that I know now,” said Alvarato. “Maybe if I had seen more of the resources and events around campus it would have been easier for me to get comfortable with everyone at first.”

English Equestrian Studies and Equine Business Management senior Grace Ransom has some advice for current freshmen.

“Enjoy the time you have with friends. Soak in the campus, you’re paying for it anyways,” said Ransom. “Use your resources and really get the most out of your dollar. You’ll only have these people for these few years, don’t waste a relationship on little things.”

Ransom explained that everything she did freshman year led her to where she is now, and her freshman year definitely impacted the course she finds herself on.

“(Freshman year) made me more determined to get myself more deeply rooted in the eventing world, and to work on my people skills.”

Ransom came into the school with very little experience in three-day-eventing, an English riding discipline that covers dressage, showjumping and cross country. As a senior, she recently competed at the USEA American Eventing Championships in the training division with UF’s Bright Prince.

Current Accounting and English Equestrian Studies senior Kelsey Harbor voiced similar opinions to Alvarato.

“Juggling two majors left me with very little social life freshman year,” said Harbor. “I think the freshman should take time to go hang out and attend campus events too.”

One of the included parts of freshmen orientation at UF is Findlay Family, small groups that incoming students are assigned to randomly as a way to encourage social interaction.

“I only met with my Findlay family once or twice,” she said. “I’d recommend to incoming freshmen to join clubs that interest them or take fun classes like ASL to meet new people and keep their schedules interesting.”

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