Upcoming event: mid-semester portfolio smash

By Alyssa Burgei, BurgeiA1@Findlay.edu

University of Findlay’s Writing Center in CBSL 136 is hosting a Mid-Semester Portfolio for ENGL 104 and ENGL 106 students on Wednesday, Oct. 4th from 7:00-9:00 p.m. with tutors, pizza, pop, fidget spinners and stress balls. 

For the past 10 years, the Writing Center has hosted a mid-semester tune up to help English students. Last year, however, Writing Center Director Harley Ferris changed this program to the Mid-Semester Portfolio Smash. With that change, about 67 people showed up to get help from the Writing Center, which was the biggest turnout they have had. 

Ferris describes the Smash as a work party where everyone comes together to work hard on their projects, determined to get them done. They also created a cup system to help the 10-20 tutors working this event.  

“There is a green, yellow and red cup,” Ferris said. “The green means you don’t need help; yellow means you need help but can wait; and red means you’re stuck and can’t go anywhere.” 

Some people come in for a short amount of time with few questions, while others work for multiple hours. Ferris also added that students may come in just to sit with other students who are struggling as well or working on the same thing.

The Writing Center hosts this event mid-semester and end of semester, as well as a few other events to help students be successful in English courses. 

“The Writing Center can help any UF student at any point in their writing process,” Ferris said. “It’s also a place to just come in and use.” 

The UF Writing Center is available to help all students with English.