Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship sparks discussions

By Sam Hardenbergh, HardenberghS@Findlay.edu

The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship continues to contribute to a boom in views for the NFL and also started drama between fans of Swift and the NFL.

On Sept. 24, Taylor Swift arrived at the Chiefs vs. Bears game at Arrowhead Stadium causing a large increase in viewership. For example, during the Chiefs vs. Jets game on Oct. 1, the game hit 27 million viewers with the Taylor Swift cameo.

Eric Stoller, Assistant Professor of Teaching in Sports Management and Coordinator of Business Solution Center, noticed how this relationship helps the NFL.

“Viewership, merchandise and media coverage have all increased since the relationship started,” Stoller said. “The publicity seems good. They are drawing more people to watch games or talk about games.”

The relationship between Swift and Kelce can help expand fan bases, which can lead to an increase in revenue for the NFL.

“This could expand the number of fans of the NFL and the Chiefs, especially with all the Fans that Taylor Swift has,” Stoller said.

Student athlete Brennan Davies discussed that the recent relationship will continue to change the NFL in terms of views and publicity.

“This is huge publicity for the NFL,” Davies said. “I do believe it (Kelce’s and Swift’s relationship) helps, since there is a reason they show her all the time.”

Student Hannah Tyler is an active fan of Taylor Swift and aware of the recent hype that Swift brought to the NFL.

“I know recently Taylor and Travis came out that they were dating,” Tyler said. “I believe this helps Travis and the Chiefs due to record sales of Travis jerseys and tickets to Chief games.”