Meet a new professor through poetry

UF hosted a poetry reading on Oct. 16

By Kendall Westgate,

To welcome creative writing professor Melanie Dusseau to the University of Findlay, UF put on a poetry night on Oct. 16 in the Mazza Museum gallery.

“I loved that everyone – students, faculty, administrators, and community members – took part in the lively open mic following the reading. It was a fun evening for poetry lovers,” Dusseau said. “UF has been such a warm and welcoming campus to me personally; and the Mazza is just a magical and inspiring space to read. It made my day that students from the newly formed book club, Books Beyond the Arch, were also in attendance.”

The event took place from 5-7 p.m. with students, faculty and other writers in attendance. Second year international studies major Ava Vadala attended the event and shared her thoughts.

“I really enjoy reading,” Vadala said. “I went to support my professor; I was really inspired by the poems she wrote and by the people who attended the event. Everyone was so encouraging and supportive of everyone’s creative ability and it was a great experience.”

Dusseau mentioned that other poetry events will take place in the future, as well as other opportunities for students interested in writing.

“Stay tuned for more readings in both poetry and fiction, as well as open mic and workshop opportunities for student writers involved in our literary magazines,” Dusseau said. “April is National Poetry Month and students in all majors will be invited to participate in more poetry happenings. Our human inclination for storytelling and community are a perfect fit for Creative Writing workshop courses across multiple genres.”

This event helped introduce the new professor through different poetry readings from Dusseau and others that attended.

“My favorite part was getting to learn more about a professor on campus through her literary works,” Vadala said. “I would definitely attend another event like this on campus because I left feeling inspired by everyone who was there.”