The Pulse on politics: Ohio’s 2022 senate race

By: Leah Alsept


The Ohio senate race comes to Findlay, Ohio in early 2022

Findlay, Ohio is a lesser-known hotspot for political activity during campaign season. Various senatorial candidates, including JD Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” are making stops in Findlay to talk to their potential constituents about what they dislike and hope to change if they’re elected.

Vance, stopping at the Findlay Inn & Conference Center, spoke at length about several policies he hopes to change if elected to senate this November, including his dislike for bipartisan policies.

“We have an evil party in Washington called the Democrats. We have a stupid party in Washington called the Republicans, and every now and then they get together and do something that’s both stupid and evil and they call it bipartisan.” he said.

During Vance’s campaign visit in Cincinnati, congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene made an appearance and endorsed the candidate in his race to senate. Nancy Stephani, Chair of the Hancock County Democrats, does not agree with Vance about his stance on bipartisan policies.

“The reality is, is that we all have to figure out how to live together on this planet. The only people I see proposing workable ideas are the Democrats,” she said. “There are a few Republicans, Liz Chaney for one, that try to bridge the aisle. [Joe] Courtney has done that to some extent. But Vance just wants to put gasoline on the fire.”

Another senator hopeful, Representative Tim Ryan (OH-D), visited Coffee Amici in January for his campaign trail, sponsored by the Hancock County Democrats. Ryan has been the House Representative for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District since his election in 2013.

There are a few policies that Vance and Ryan have similar perspectives on. Both Vance and Ryan want to put limitations on Chinese trade to America. Ryan has said that China is the “greatest geopolitical threat” to America in the 2019 Democratic Presidential Debate on NBC News.

Stephani personally endorses Tim Ryan for the senate seat, citing that he is a moderate and will listen to the people. The Hancock County Democrats will not formally endorse a candidate until the primaries on May 3.

Here are the politicians running in their respective parties’ primaries in May according to Ballotpedia:

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