UFDM Club president Q&A about what is ahead for student media

By Alex Davis


Student, athlete, and creator, JereMiah Jackson is taking on some big roles this academic year. Not only is he a full-time student majoring in Business and full-time starting athlete on the football field, but he is now the President of UFDM, General Manager of 88.3 WLFC, and Digital Editor for The Pulse. We caught up with Mr. Jackson regarding his new roles and active school year below.

What do you plan to bring to the table regarding your new roles within campus media? (President, Design Editor & General Manager)

Every role I’m involved in presents something different. As the General Manager of 88.3 WLFC I plan to bring more involvement within the students, pushing for more creative minds to come to the forefront to display their talents and gifts. There are many talented people here on The University of Findlay campus, and I am simply wanting to highlight such people.

With my Digital Editor role with The Pulse Newspaper, I plan to expand the variety of our topics to relate more towards the students. What are the students talking about? What are they reading about on social media? What stories are more appealing to the students?  I want to focus more on targeting our student population by discussing stories that are everyday topics amongst the students. And this I believe will bring more involvement to The Pulse.

With our Pulse TV, I want to push the idea of having students becoming not only on camera, but off camera and behind the scenes as well.

And as the President of the Digital Media club I plan to push media here on campus. I love creating content, and I also love helping others create content as well. And one thing I’ve realized is that there are many people who love to create content as well here on campus but do not know about our Digital Media club, which consists of our radio station 88.3 WLFC, The Pulse Newspaper, and or Pulse TV. And I want to push our media to bring more involvement to our club. 

What are some potential challenges you can see yourself facing as far as each of these roles are concerned?

One challenge I see myself facing taking on these new roles is how I plan to lead more peers. Also a challenge is going to be getting people involved. People on-campus are not even aware of our club and of our radio station, newspaper, and TV studio, so I see involvement from new members being a challenge. 

What made you want to take on each of these positions?

 Like anyone else I am a big Marvel fan, and a comic book writer myself. My dream is to have my own entertainment company such as Marvel. When I was first approached with the idea of being the President of the Digital Media club, I could only think of running our club as I would a media company. I view taking on these roles being the General Manager of 88.3 WLFC, Digital Editor of The Pulse, and the President of the club as myself being the CEO of a media company. In my head I call it, “The UF Media Company.” With having this mindset now, I feel it will help prepare me for my future in media, and entertainment. 

Where do you see campus media going this academic year?

 I see more students getting more consistently involved in creating content. I see students whether it is on radio, having consistent weekly radio shows, podcasts, to seeing students using our UFTV studio to host their own weekly shows, and even students working more behind the scenes, to seeing students passionately write stories on The Pulse. Overall, I see different varieties of topics and many forms of entertainment showcased through “UF Media.”

What would you say to your fellow students who may or may not be considering getting involved with campus media?

To the students out there who are considering getting involved in the Digital Media club, I say come along. We love to create content and have fun doing so. If you are passionate about something, we can offer you the platform to write about it, talk about it, and broadcast it. And if you are someone who is not considering getting involved, I was in your position before, and I truly say that you are missing out. What I found out by becoming more involved in the media here on campus has opened up more opportunities outside of school. 


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