From JMU to UF: Jake Brown’s story

By: Collin Frazier


Oilers gain experienced WR in senior Jake Brown


With the football season in full swing, many Oilers are putting on their pads and jersey for one final go around. Some are putting their Black and Orange for the first time. Take WR Jake Brown, who joined Oiler Nation after transferring from James Madison University. While Brown had good terms with JMU, he felt it was time for a change.

“Entering the transfer portal was a difficult decision for me,” Brown explained via email. “I had a lot of great teammates and made a lot of great memories there, but I had a feeling that they wouldn’t be throwing the ball out this year, and for my final year I really wanted to go somewhere where I would be utilized and I can catch a lot of passes. so that was the main reason why. It wasn’t because I wasn’t playing, it wasn’t because I had beef with the coaches, there were no issues. I left JMU on good terms. I just thought it would be good to change for my final year.”

Entering the portal, Brown was given many different options as to where he would play next. Despite never hearing of this Division II school, when he visited, he knew it was where he belonged.

“To be completely honest, I had never heard of the University of Findlay,” Brown proclaimed. Even when they reached out, I wasn’t particularly interested until I took a visit up here. When I visited, I was really impressed with the coaching staff and with a campus in the facilities. I know there wasn’t too much of a drop-off from what I was used to, and I was just very impressed with the amount of talent on the football team that I saw. When watching film — especially with Matt Winzeler being the quarterback — that’s always an attractive feature for a receiver.  I also just thought the coaches were really honest with me about how they plan to use me, and I thought it was a really good familial atmosphere and something just told me it’d be a good place to go.”

Furthermore, Brown also decided to come to UF to continue his education.

“I could get my MBA here in a year, or a little more time, and I thought that could be a real positive, especially looking down the road in my life. I couldn’t get my masters at JMU or most of the other schools that were there. Findlay an extra leg up over the other schools I was looking at!”

While this decision did mean he would have to go from playing against Division I schools, Brown is glad to have joined Oiler Nation.

“I’m really satisfied with my decision,” Brown said. “I didn’t play the last two games because my foot’s been hurt, but the first game against Hillsdale, I felt like we came out and really took care of business. The guys have been obviously taking care of business against Walsh and Kentucky Wesleyan. I really like the way I’ve been able to learn the offense, as well as the way I’ve been integrated in the offense. I really had a great time getting to know my new teammates and coaches. They’ve done a great job just bringing me in there, and it hasn’t been any transfer issues like the transition. It’s been really seamless and really easy, so I have no complaints.”

However, Brown does have one issue with his decision.

“The worst part is probably just the weather because it’s really cold I’m not used to that up here.”

By-the-by, the Oilers have had a successful season, both offensive and defensively, outscoring their opponents 134-30. Brown shares his thoughts on the offensive domination by UF this season.

“I think the offense looks fantastic,” said Brown. “Up front we look great, and anyone that knows anything about football knows that without a good offensive line, you won’t find any success. Those guys have really made it possible for the skill-position players and Matt to get any kind of productivity. Obviously, we have a ridiculous running back and we have brought young freshmen that are very good. Along with Brian Benson and Derek Lynch back there and they’re going to get it done. You know that for a fact. We have a really talented room of receivers to Marlin Richardson obviously leaving the team. Being an older guy makes a lot of great players down the field. We have Austin Watt, a big Target in the Red Zone and across the middle. And, we have some really good younger freshmen that are coming up and will be really good, especially next year.”

Correction (4/27/21): Incorrect portrait of UF football player Jake Brown used. Photo was removed.

Featured photo: Tuskegee University Athletics.

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