No need to be a varsity athlete to play sports

By: Collin Frazier



Some of us aren’t fortunate enough to be an athlete on one of our sports teams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play sports while you spend your time at UF. Intramural sports are back in motion as the second semester is now underway. Bryan Golding, Director of Intramural Sports at Findlay, is hopeful that students get involved in these extracurriculars this semester.

“Intramural Sports are activities that we [UF] provide to students where they can come in and play volleyball, flag football, basketball, we [also] offer wallyball, floor hockey, ping pong, pool, and many different activities,” Golding said. “They [students] can sign up with a team, or they can sign up individually. But, it’s just to get students active and have a good time. They’re very fun. Yes, you play against another team, but it’s all in fun and having a good time”

Just like any college sport, one dilemma with athletes is balancing school and athletics. Golding says intramurals is a place where, while the time of events is convenient for students, the goal is for students to take their mind off of school and have fun for a time.

“With volleyball, you’ll play two times a week, typically on a Tuesday and Thursday night, we offer them at 8:00 p.m. when we’re indoors,” Golding explained. “So, really what we’re trying to do is get students out of the dorms or out of their off-campus housing, get them in here, and just have them relax and not worry about academics and make new friends. A lot of times, students will meet somebody on another, and they instantly become best friends. We’re just trying to get people to know one another and get them away from academics for a little bit.”

For anyone interested in intramural sports, Golding gave more information on how to join and some frequently asked questions.

“They [students] can stop by the Student Rec Center and ask for me,” said Golding “I’d be glad to talk to them about intramurals, they can send me an email. A lot of times we do get questions of ‘I can’t find anybody to sign up with for a team. Can you sign me up individually?’ and I’ll put them on a team that I know the students [on the team] and I think they’ll have a really good time. And a lot of times, they stay with that team all the way throughout [college].”

Club teams, including women’s rugby and both equestrian teams, can allow students to travel around the country and take on different teams.

“They [the teams] compete around Ohio, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania,” Golding stated. “Students can, if they’re interested, create a club sport. We’re in talks right now in creating Men’s Volleyball for next year, and we are more than happy to entertain any ideas.”

For students interested in starting a club team, Golding is open to any and all ideas, all you have to do is get in contact with him.

“If they have an idea for a club sport, they can come to me, and we’ll sit down with my assistant, Dean Richardson, who’s in charge of Club Sports, and we’ll guide them through creating a constitution, getting it approved through Student Activities,” Golding explained. “And then once that’s all settled, we’ll start talking about [the] needs of the club, what we need to do to make it an opportunity for students.”

Golding then encouraged students wanting to join intramurals or join/start a club sport to reach out to him at either the FRC or via email. Golding’s email is


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