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Abigail Frye



On Friday, Feb. 2 from 3-5 p.m., Residence Life hosted Share the Love. in the College of Business building. The event welcomed both campus residents and non-residents with some early Valentine’s Day fun. Events like this are considered Oiler Outings, which is a way Residence Life is trying to get more students involved on campus.



Jillian Banky, a fifth-year Pharmacy student, said Oiler Outings will hopefully enrich the student body by offer more chances to be active in the UF community.


“Each of the Oiler Outings is put on by a Resident Director and a group of Resident Assistants and there are eight events throughout each semester,” said Banky. “Our goal with Oiler Outings, including the Share the Love event, is to try to give students something to look forward to on the weekends here on campus.”


This event celebrated Valentine’s Day with flowers, candies, cards, photos, and even temporary tattoos for students to enjoy.


“Everyone who attended had a good time and enjoyed what our event had to offer,” expressed Banky. “My favorite part of the event was seeing the interaction between people, having friends make cards for each other and grabbing a flower for a friend to brighten their day is always fun!”


Kassidi Sullivan, a junior Marketing and Sport and Event Management major, was one particular student who attended the event.


“It was a nice way to end the week right around a time I feel a lot of people are experiencing midterms and overloads of homework,” said Sullivan.

This event served as a break for students feeling the pressure of the semester.


“Having it in the business building really helped draw in people that were wrapping up their studies and helped them get ready to take on the weekend,” Sullivan said.


Many students used it as an opportunity to share the love with others as well. Sullivan was happy to see this occur.


“I loved seeing people come in and take a handful of flowers to give to those important to them or even just to keep for themselves because self-love is just as important,” said Sullivan.


This event helped students like Sullivan to decompress from school and enjoy the festivities of Valentine’s Day.


“For me personally, it set the tone for the weekend and really turned my mood around for the better,” said Sullivan. “It was a great way to socialize with others there and have some fun with the temporary tattoos they offered as well as the little goodies to snack on.”

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