Putting the “Wine” in Winebrenner

By: Olivia Wile

Email: wileo@findlay.edu

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It’s not every day alcohol is served at the University of Findlay. In fact, being a dry campus, it’s unusual. It takes a certain type of event for this to happen, according to UF Media Relations Coordinator, Joy Brown.


“We have an actual policy on alcohol sales on campus,” said Brown. “So while the University of Findlay is primarily a dry campus, there are, on rare occasions, exceptions made for certain events and activities.”


Exceptions are made for celebrities, like Mary Wilson, who is set to perform at the Winebrenner Theological Seminary. The former Supremes member, and now cast member of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars will perform in November – something big enough to put the “wine” in Winebrenner.  


Brown explains there are many stipulations for serving alcohol on campus, 17 bullet points worth. Beer and wine are the only alcoholic beverages permitted and it can only be sold before the event. These sales must conclude 30 mins. before the event, with a last call required 15 mins. before this time. Alcoholic beverages cannot leave the designated area of the event and non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks must also be available during the event.


Brown says the University hired Legends Catering to serve the alcoholic beverages. In considering all the guidelines and work that goes into serving alcohol on campus, Brown says that it is a collaborative effort.


“There is a small group of people, including the president of the University of course, along with certain members of cabinet, that can make those decisions,” said Brown.


Decisions, according to Brown, that are made in the best interest of both the University and its students.


“Well, given it’s a public event that’s collaborative between the University and the community, it’s something that will enormously benefit UFTV with donations and bringing people to campus for this,” said Brown. “The main goal is that it’s a fundraiser and that it’s a collaborative community event as well.”


The concert will take place on Nov.8 at 7 p.m. and will be held in Winebrenner Theological Seminary’s auditorium.


Findlay band, Flag City Rock & Soul Revue, will be opening up for Wilson. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, they are $45 and are available through the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts Box Office. Proceeds from the concert will go towards the University’ of Findlay’s television station, UFTV. For more information about the concert, visit https://calendar.findlay.edu/event/dancing-with-a-star-concert-by-mary-wilson-of-the-supremes/?instance_id=9258.

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