Putting the ‘ghost’ in Ghost Town

By: Emma Smith

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Ohio is the state for lovers of spooky season, with 111 haunted attractions in the state, there are plenty of places to get your scare on.


One of those places is Ghost Town in Findlay. Ghost Town is a replica of an 1880s-era ghost town and was first up and running in the 50s. Since its close, it has been fully renovated and is up and running. Throughout the summer, Ghost Town is home to historical events and craft shows but once September hits, it turns into the most haunted place you can imagine.


With this season being Ghost Town’s fourth season in the business of scare, they are changing it up a bit with an interactive experience this year. Produced by Capture 1 Studios, The Curse of Bryerstone is explained to its participants through a 33-minute film that provides not only a backstory for the haunt, but also valuable clues. Once you watch the movie, you start the interactive haunt. During the haunt you are scared by the same people who ask for your help in saving Bryerstone.


When Matt Erwin, owner of Capture 1 Studios, came to Ghost Town last year, an idea went through his head… “What if he created a movie to compliment the haunt?


From that idea, a brand-new haunt was born. Erwin and his team worked with the Ghost Town Productions to create the film, The Curse of Bryerstone. This film was filmed at Ghost Town with the cast that participate every Friday and Saturday night. Erwin was excited to have the opportunity to use these characters.


“He [the basic haunt director] basically gave me a bunch of characters that they wanted to have in the show,” said Erwin. “So, I had Ghost Town and these characters, so I had just come up with the idea from there.”


He did talk about the historical aspect that is included in the film. While it isn’t accurate to the times, it does have some truthful elements that add to the production.


“It definitely isn’t factual, there is a lot made up but there are a lot of things in it that is based on real life. The oil boom in the area that happened in the late 1800s,” said Erwin. “That is why Bryerstone comes to be, there is some oil that a man finds.”


While Erwin was the director of the story, he says that everyone had a part in this and deserves credit for making this production a reality.


“It wouldn’t be possible without the awesome cast and crew. They are all solid performers that are so unbelievably talented,” said Erwin. “It is hard not to make a good movie when working with them.”


If you are looking for some pure haunted fun, be sure to check out Ghost Town at 0630 Co. Rd. 40, Findlay, OH, near the University’s Horse Barn. The haunt is going on every Friday and Saturday night through Oct. 26. Tickets are $25 for adults, $20 for students (13-18) and $15 for kids (12 & under).


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