College of Business goes back to Friday classes

By: Mac Williams
Twitter: @m_williamsm2

Many changes have come to the University of Findlay’s College of Business over the past year. A new College of Business building was unveiled welcoming tremendous support and great reviews from students, faculty, and staff. However, the College of Business has also seen a change that has gone under the radar for most.
According to Dr. Chris Ward of the College of Business, the department has decided to go back to holding classes on Fridays after the resignation of the Former Dean Kevin Renshler.
“One of the biggest reasons that we decided to go back to having Friday classes was so that we could align ourselves with the rest of campus,” said Ward.
Ward explains the College of Business decided against holding Friday classes after the hiring of Interim Dean Kevin Renshler in 2015, because it would provide students with the time and opportunity to pursue experiential learning opportunities.
“I think that students got a great deal from what we tried to do with respect to classes,” said Ward. “I think we were able to allow our students to gain real world experience that you couldn’t obtain in a classroom.”
He says the decision to go back to Friday classes was made by the College of Business administration, but could not elaborate as to which person(s) made the decision. The decision to hold Friday classes has gotten mixed reviews among students in the College of Business. Senior Courtney Van Horn says the change was a bit disappointing.
“I liked that we had the opportunity to pursue internships and other jobs outside of the classroom on Fridays,” said Van Horn. “I can understand why they decided to go back to Friday classes, but for me it is a little disappointing.”
On the other hand, some students feel that it is a necessary change that needed to happen a long time ago. Among these students is Senior Ashley Overmyer who says the change is good for everyone.
“Of course I liked having Fridays off, but I don’t feel that we really needed it,” said Overmyer. “I think the students who are really motivated would find internships on their own anyway, so I don’t think giving everyone the day really helped.”
Ward says it isn’t a help or hurt mentality when it comes to holding classes on Fridays.
“For the first 11 years I was here we had classes on Friday, so I don’t think it is going to change a whole lot for students now that we have gone back to Friday classes,” said Ward.
Whether are a student who likes an extra day off, or one that is highly motivated, if they’re in the College of Business they will be going to class on Fridays.

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