The young and the riggity

By Bo Terrill
Twitter: because_terrill

Everyone knows and love the Rig, and how couldn’t you? But what is it about the Rig that makes it so delicious? After talking with Amy Harley, an occupational therapy student and manager of the Rig, I discovered just a little about what makes our favorite restaurants as Oily as possible.
Many people are aware that the Rig used to be located in the Village and only moved into the Refinery in the College of Business and Center for Student Life building this past semester. Harley explains the changes that followed this move.
“Some changes included selecting and purchasing all equipment to make the Rig run. Also becoming apart of Sodexo,” said Harley. “The Rig used to make everything homemade, however, we get most stuff from GFS, but most our sauces are still homemade.”
After sitting down for my first ever plate of loaded Rig wings with teriyaki sauce and a chocolate peanut butter milkshake (Harley’s personal favorite) I can honestly say that it’s one of my favorite places to eat on campus. Harley says another one of her favorites has to be the Rig wings or mozzerella sticks.
“[My] favorite thing to eat would be the loaded Rig wings with chipotle bbq sauce! Or mozz sticks!” said Harley.
After the meal came the behind-the-counter look at where all the magic happens; watching Harley and her coworkers Brandon Edelbrock and Kelsey Sweeney fry up multiple dishes for their happy customers. The atmosphere was very cheerful as they were working, not seeming to see it as work at all, always talking to one another and not once complaining. Such an atmosphere clearly reflects the food, being as I doubt someone could eat a Rig wing without noticing the laughter and happiness that went into its creation.
Unsurprisingly, visiting the Rig was a pleasure that I would be happy to do again. The Rig is open 6-11pm on Mondays-Thursdays and 6-10pm on Fridays.

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