Resolutions destined for failure?

By: Juliyana Straley
Twitter: @jstraley7

Another New Year has come and gone and with that comes resolutions from millions of people to become healthier and happier. People shoot for the stars aiming to give up carbs, workout daily, or give up sugar.
Everyone decides come January 1st that the raw food, gluten free, sugar free diet is the only way to live. Inevitably these drastic lifestyle changes are destined for failure.
According to the Huffington Post, only 8% of people stay true to their New Year’s resolutions. People eventually give up their resolutions because they are restrictive and simply unrealistic. If the goal is to lose 20 pounds in a month, but you have not changed your diet or exercise habits until January 1st, you will have a harder time reaching that goal. It all starts with small steps in the right direction.
If the goal is to lose weight, consult a professional, there is no need to do this on your own. Start with gradually increasing your exercise routine and begin adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet while taking out unnecessary sugars. Having small goals and lifestyle changes will help to ensure success.
When goals are too demanding and lofty, we become discouraged and ultimately give up altogether. A problem I have with resolutions is that there is a specific start date.
Why wait until January 1st to become a better person? Start now, stop waiting and putting it off. There shouldn’t be a start and end date in the journey of becoming healthier and happier; it’s a lifestyle, there is no finish line.
My advice: start with small lifestyle changes and when it gets hard, don’t give up. You can always start again. Everyone slips up because let’s face it, making a change is hard. We get too comfortable and locked into our daily habits but wanting to change those to become better is bold and will ultimately benefit you in the long run.
Bring on 2018.

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