Meet your 2017 Homecoming court

What do the candidates enjoy most about UF?
King candidates:

Hosam “Sam” Alshahrani
Hometown: Saudi Arabia
Major: Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health
“My all time favorite is the clubs that offer many activities on and off campus. Conferences are also some of my favorite parts of UF because you get a chance to meet lots of people.”

Kaleb Brown
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Major: Healthcare Management
“One of my favorite parts about UF are the opportunities that are presented to students in order to become more involved and engaged on campus and within the community. UF creates a welcoming, inclusive environment for students by celebrating diversity and cultural differences.”

Peter Burkett
Hometown: Perrysburg, OH
Major: Business Management & Marketing
“My favorite part about UF would have to be the culture and the opportunity. Between sports and school there are many opportunities for students wanting to come to the University of Findlay.”

Troy Merriman
Hometown: Granville, MI
Major: Middle Childhood Education
“My favorite part of UF is definitely the people here. The staff care about the students so much and truly want to see us succeed, it is very satisfying knowing that everyone pushes you to your best so that you can be successful!”

Adam Twining
Hometown: Findlay, OH
Major: Marketing
“My favorite part about UF has been the people I’ve met. I have made life long friends and have had the opportunity to be taught and mentored by some incredible professors that have helped me greatly to get to where I am.”

Queen candidates:

Alison Connelly
Hometown: Haskins, OH
Major: Early Childhood Education
“I love that UF is a second home. UF feels like a family to me and not only has it given me so many people in my life that have changed me forever, but this place has honestly shaped me into the person I am today.”

Jennifer Darling
Hometown: London, OH
Major: Health Science, Pre-PT Emphasis
“I am truly blessed to be a part of such a welcoming community here at the University of Findlay. Everywhere on campus there is someone holding the door an extra second, greeting someone with a smile, or another small act of kindness.”

Holly Sargent
Hometown: Tallmadge, OH
Major: Health Science, Pre-Occupational Therapy
“My favorite part of the University of Findlay is the connections I have made with the people both on faculty/staff and on campus. Everyone is so supportive and uplifting, and really wants to see you succeed!”

Olivia Tanner
Hometown: Galion, OH
Major: Biology
“My favorite part of UF is that it is small enough to get to know a lot of people. Here at UF we have the opportunity to get to know each other and make connections that will follow us after our time here, to me there isn’t anything better than that.”

Alexis Taylor
Hometown: Akron, OH
Major: Business Management & Human Resource Management
“My favorite part of UF is the family oriented feeling you receive at Findlay. Whether it be through your peers, faculty, or even the community, you always feel like you’re a part of the family.”

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