New building attracts new crowds

By: Olivia Wile
Twitter: o_wile

As students at the University of Findlay conclude their seventh week back at school, many have gotten the chance to test out the Refinery in the new Center for Student Life and College of Business building.

With a variety of new food options in a brand new building, this spot seems to be a prime location for both students and faculty. The question remains, however, what does this mean for the Alumni Memorial Union?

Established in 1961, the addition of the AMU to campus was a staple in the growth of Findlay College. Only a year later, in 1962, the AMU lounge was extended 21 ft. west, the Cave was extended 30 ft. north and the Endly Room was added.

As exciting as the building of the AMU was back then, it has not seemed to attract much attention this semester after the opening of the Refinery. As the Grill has been relocated to the new building, many students are no longer making use of the space.

Sophomore Pharmacy Major Jace Swingle is among those who visit the Refinery much more now.

“I feel like the AMU is less busy now,” said Swingle. “A lot of people have migrated to the new building because it has more study space and better food options.”

Taylor Verbsky, a Physical Therapy major also minoring in Spanish and Psychology, agrees with Swingle in noticing the AMU does not seem as crowded this year.

“There’s like way less people in it all the time,” said Verbsky. “I honestly have not been in the AMU all year, there’s no reason to go now that the Grill is gone.”

Some may argue this is due to the new variety of food options or even the modern feel of the new building.

“The new building is more appealing because it is way more modern than the AMU,” Swingle said.

Plans for both Jazzman’s and the Cave in the AMU are still in the works. However, in the mean time, the empty space where the Grill used to be will remain empty.

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