UF baseball fields full schedule of activities this fall

By: Sarah Baer
Twitter: @Sarah_baer1
Email: baers@findlay.edu

The Findlay Baseball Team is gearing up for many activities scheduled for the next few months. The Oilers recently completed their Fall High School Showcase in which aspiring young athletes showcased their skills in front of the NCAA coaches on campus.
The annual Alumni Game is quickly approaching and is scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 30. The Oilers will also be hosting a Home Run Derby and Golf Outing fundraiser. Despite these enjoyable activities, however, players are already preparing mentally and physically for the spring season.
“As a team I would like to see us place in the tournament,” said Oiler Baseball Player Mark DeLas. “We haven’t made it in the past couple of years so I would like to finish my senior year strong.”
DeLas explains what Oiler Fall Ball is all about. “During Fall Ball we scrimmage each other. Pitchers throw live to hitters throughout the fall,” said DeLas. “At the end of the fall we have a game series where the team is broken up and we play 9 inning games.”
The team’s fall ball season is similar to spring ball as the coaches’ expectations are the same. Coach Stephen Parrill expects the players to take practice serious and put forth their best effort.
“Coach Parrill emphasizes hustle and good repetitions in the field,” DeLas said. “For pitchers, we get in a routine to prepare for our next game” said DeLas. “Coach Makowski does a great job watching out for the pitchers arms and making sure we prepare for the next start.”
The Findlay Baseball Team has a lot of activities planned for the fall that they hope will set them up for a successful regular season this spring.

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