Findlay flowers

By: Heidi Paxson, Staff Writer
Twitter: @HeidiPacSun

Although November is quickly approaching, the flowers around the University of Findlay are still in bloom, the sidewalks are clear of leaves, and the scenic Old Main arch looks as good as new. This is a result of the Grounds Keeping team putting in around 240 hours of work a week to ensure that campus is taken care of.

The Grounds Keeping team doesn’t just plant flowers sporadically. There are three rotating planting seasons during the course of each year. The flowers you see on campus now were planted in the spring while the flowers you will see in the spring will be planted this November.

According to Cody Fagan, operation and maintenance coordinator, there has been no frost this season which has allowed Grounds Keeping to continue to groom flowers that were visible this summer instead of moving into the new season.

Although the weather has been mild this fall, Grounds Keeping is already planning for snow and ice removal.

According to Ron Conine, groundskeeper, the Grounds Keeping team schedules on-call shifts at 3 a.m. in the winter for snow removal. This allows students and faculty get to class and work safely early in the morning.

The team is very cautious about how much salt they use as they want to help protect the environment while still maintaining a safe campus. They also use colored salt so that those on campus know where to walk.

Fagen explains that campus upkeep is important because it enhances the campus community and how people feel about the University. He also believes that the landscaping improves admissions rates.

When potential students visit campus, the clean sidewalks and the colorful flowers improve the visual appeal of UF.

“It’s not just spending money on flowers, it’s enriching daily lives,” said Fagan.

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