Colds sweep campus

By: Jacob Sarver
Twitter: @Senatorsarver

There seems to be an increase in those suffering different cold symptoms at the University of Findlay. Not only here in Hancock county but across Ohio, viruses have been hitting towns rapid. Cosiano Health Center is working to keep students healthy while a majority of campus is suffering from different health issues.

There are a variety of different health concerns around campus. Students and faculty have expressed issues with an out break of pink eye in the weight room, while others are addressing issues of normal cold symptoms and viral issues coming from all around the area.

Katie Menssen, a junior occupation therapy major, only experienced her illness for a day. “I heard there was sickness going around campus and truly not even 24 hours later was sick.” This viral sensation has been spreading quite rapidly. Some have experiencing illness for longer times than others.

Menssen, however, did not have prolonged illness and only experienced symptoms for a day. “The illness symptoms I had were not what others had been experiencing. I only experienced nausea and sneezing while I know of friends bed ridden for the day. Luckily I may have only gotten the normal sick symptoms but this virus of sorts has been spreading rapid.”

Julia Smith, an education major at the University, has experienced cold symptoms as well. Hers have been prolonged. She has also experienced the same symptoms a lot of students on campus have.

“This has been going on for over a week,” she said “I have been having all the normal flu symptoms, plus drowsiness and even having nausea and symptoms you’d expect with something that would be more serious than a normal cold.”

Smith says this sickness is taking more of a toll on her than most illness. “It has been harder to get up and do things along with school work,” Smith explained. “I have been less motivated when it comes to things that are required of me. The reason being I have had serious congestion, headaches and a persistent cough. The cold symptoms I have are more extreme than anything I have normally had; I can normally work through a cold but whatever I have has been draining.”

The issues on campus seem consistent around Ohio right now with those at Kent State and The University of Akron having similar issues as well.

Daiysa Hadden, junior at Kent State, says pink eye has been going around their campus as well.

“Pink eye has been wide spread with friends of mine having it as well,” said Hadden. “I was in so much pain.”

If you are experiencing any issues pertaining to your health Cosiano Health Center at the University is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. with no appointment necessary. No matter the health concern, there will be a nurse to assist you.

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