Wyldewood Tack Shop makes its annual trek

UF Equine students can always find what they need 

By: Larissa Holmes

For over 20 years, Wyldewood tack shop has been making an annual trek to the University of Findlay’s English equestrian farm in order to provide equestrian supplies for students, new and returning. From Aug. 20 through Sept. 1, the tack shop, located in Lambertville, Michigan, sends a mobile unit to the University in order to be present during the first two weeks of classes.

Tack shops carry all the necessary equipment for equestrians to properly care for their horses. From items such as bridles, girths, and saddle pads to leather cleaning supplies, clipper blades, and horse care products. Wyldewood’s mobile unit is just as equally equipped to bring whatever the students need for the start of the school year.

Since she has been working at Wyldewood from the age of 16, Allison Fowler can recall coming down every year to the University of Findlay. Both being former graduates of the University, when Fowler and her mother purchased the tack shop in the early `90s, they wanted to continue that tradition. Fowler and her mother have enjoyed coming back year after year to help answer any tack questions students might have as well as help equip them with the right gear.

“We have invested interest in this school,” Fowler says, “and in the development of the next generation of industry professionals.”

Fowler expresses a great benefit in bringing the tack shop to Findlay, if not just for convenience, but as a chance to check in with the students and the staff. They enjoy offering their assistance in any way they can.

Among their wide array of tack and equipment, Wyldewood’s most popular selling items are the sun shirts that have SPF woven right into them to protect from the sun. They are also designed to keep the wearer cool while riding.

And of course, riding breeches are also available.

Although some of the items that the tack shop brings each year might not be high up on the popularity poll, they are nonetheless a high purchased items due to their necessity. According to Fowler, those would probably be clipper blades.

“Everybody has to have them, but they’re not the most fun things to get,” Fowler says, “We do always have all those necessary items like hoofpicks and wound care.”

Many other mobile tack shops will often mark up their prices when traveling as part of “convenience fees,” but not Wyldewood. All of their merchandise is marked lowest allowed pricing in order to provide the best deals.

In order to keep up with the demands of a growing industry, Wydlewood is constantly updating their inventory in order to stay ahead with what’s new and hot in the equestrian market. They are also receptive to the needs of the students and change their inventory based on popular requests of the students.

Findlay students aren’t the only ones who look forward to the arrival of the mobile tack shop. Since there are no other tack shops in the immediate Findlay area, the mobile unit does occasionally get customers who are outside the University. However, its purpose first and foremost is to provide back-to-school aide for incoming freshman and for returning students.

“We like coming down here and giving our well-wishes to those going through the program,” says Fowler.

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