WLFC gets a new look, updates its sound

Campus radio station aims to better connect with community 

By Jacob King

It’s clear to see that the University of Findlay has had a bit of a facelift recently: A refurnished Alumni Memorial Union, fresh paint and signs on faculty houses, and the construction of a new College of Business building. In addition to all of the aesthetic changes on campus is a complete rebranding of the UF student radio station, 88.3 WLFC.

The radio station, like many other entities of UF, has updated and rebranded their image. One of the most noticeable changes starts with a newly designed logo.

The new station logo highlights the pinnacle of Old Main with radio signals extending out of the tip and next to the design is the station number 88.3. Although an easy change to see, not all of these rebranding updates are meant just for the eye.

Those in tune with the musical style of WLFC will notice a change in on-air music. According to Bobby Beebe, general station manager, listeners will get a more varied taste in the style of music.

“I think indie rock is a little bit dated,” said Beebe. “We changed to adapt- to be more open to not just rock.”

Beebe said the station has been working hard to welcome in new music for listeners as part of the rebranding phase. Instead of just indie rock, there will be more indie pop and indie hip-hop hits. His hopes aim at engaging more community members with the radio station.

“We also want to play the music and provide the content the community wants to hear,” said Beebe.

He said that a great deal of support for students on the air comes from community members and interacting with those who give support is a major priority for WLFC.

“Most of our support comes from the community,” said Beebe. “We’re really a unique thing for the community.”

Ideas for stronger community ties include possible karaoke nights or concerts with new artists. In relation to new talent, Beebe said that the station is working on interior changes and aiming for a lounge area that can bring together DJs and artists.

Another addition of variety is the draw-in of new DJs and putting more voices on-air.

“We have a lot of people that want to be DJs,” said Doug Jenkins, station adviser.

Jenkins said there is a strong set of student leadership that works for WLFC and that it is continuing to grow. Beebe wants the amount of involvement and presence to grow in order to become more significant in Findlay.

“We need to physically be more of a presence in the community and on campus,” said Beebe. “I think a lot of people know us but a lot of those people tend to be faculty or students.”

Although much has been accomplished, Jenkins said there are still some projects left in the works- specifically, the website.

The website has been a major focus of the rebranding plan and the general goal for it is to have the same facelift that other parts of the station have had.

“We’re putting out a new website and it’s a little more interactive,” said Beebe.

The website is planned to be more user-friendly and have stronger connections with the social media aspect. Despite still having projects in development, the overall reaction to the changes have been well-received.

“As far as the students who work there and the staff, the reactions have been great,” said Jenkins. “They

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