What’s up with Trump?

The presidential hopeful funds his own campaign, says anything

By Ashley Summerfield

The 2016 presidential race has been anything but ordinary with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in the mix.

From slamming Fox News’ Megyn Kelly during the first Republican presidential debate in August to his countless questionable comments used throughout debates and daily life — Trump has decided to take a whole new approach in his campaign. To the surprise of some, it has him leading in the polls. Trump’s tactics make some question his ability to deal with problems when they arise.  He is known for speaking his mind, but critics often portray this as rude.

This leads many to wonder how Trump has such a large support system and can say virtually anything he wants.

Some credit Trump’s ability to act in this way to his proceeding social status.

Not only is Trump a billionaire, investor, socialite, TV personality, and author, he is the chairman and president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts.

According to a Pulse Twitter poll that had 58 participants, 34 percent of UF students find Trump’s campaign style effective while 66 percent find it offensive.

Senior pre-vet major MJ Foletta, credits Trumps success in the polls to his celebrity status.

Foletta expressed concern with this mindset.  She feels that Trump is a fad and that uneducated voters are often his supporters.

“Hello America, this isn’t American Idol,” said Foletta.

After announcing his candidacy for president, Trump also expressed that he would be funding his own campaign, which was no surprise to anyone.  When typical candidates run for office, they often have supporters who assist financially.  With this type of support, candidates are often cautious of what they say, in fear of losing this financial support.  In Trump’s case, these concerns are irrelevant, which can also explain his ability to speak his mind.

Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” draws a great deal of supporters.

Junior criminal justice major Makayla Craft said, “I do think he makes a lot of good points as to what needs to be done in America.”

Voters are drawn to Trump because he is taking a new approach and cannot be compared to any politician we have seen before.  In contrast, many feel that his strong viewpoints on certain issues can be intimidating.

“I worry about the intenseness he has on immigrants,” added Craft.

When it comes to immigration, Trump has strong views. Immigration reform is one of the main issues he is pushing on his campaign.

“I think that could cause some problems in the long run,” said sophomore education major Genni Ricker, when asked about Trump’s firm stance on immigration.

Trump has taken to social media, like many candidates, to gain support and awareness for his campaign.  The unique nature of Trump’s campaign intrigues many voters, which helps his ratings.

“I think he would make a decent president if he found a happy medium,” said Ricker.

In the most recent Republican debate, which aired on Fox News, Trump made the decision to skip the debate.  This was a bold move at a crucial time in the race for Republican nomination.  Instead, Trump simultaneously held an event to raise money for veteran’s charities.  Some see this as a campaign tactic; others view it as an act of sincere kindness.  This is often the case for many of Trump’s acts; voters either think he is genuine or he is selfish and power-hungry.

No matter which side one falls on the political spectrum, there is no denying that Trump has changed politics during the 2016 presidential race.

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