A quick housing how-to

Stay ahead of the game

By Kelsey Nevius

The onset of the telltale signs of are upon us and so is the homestretch of the semester toward summer. For a lot of us, summer means a lot of different things: maybe you’re heading overseas to experience a new culture, maybe you’re heading back to your hometown to work for a job or internship, or maybe your summer plans are to simply bask in the glow of not having classes every day. Whatever you plan to do, I hope you look forward to it. But before we head off to the sweet summer months, there are a few things we have to take care of here at the University of Findlay.

To our new freshman this year, these end-of-the-year-vibes are totally new and exciting. If you thought moving in to your first dorm was exciting, just wait until you move out- it is certainly freeing to know you’ll get a whole new experience next semester if you’re heading back for campus housing in the fall. Of course, there is also signing up for classes, and having the new title of class ranking when your final exams end. But, if you are a freshman, and aren’t as experienced or seasoned as the upperclassman on the way it all works, it could get a little overwhelming.

As I’m sure you’ve seen, Housing sends out emails to remind all students of when and how to sign up for students who are either commuting or living on campus. As long as you stick to those emails, or go in to the office to ask any additional questions you might have, it should be smooth sailing. Simply sign up for your housing account on housing.findlay.edu, and fill out either form for being a commuter or campus resident. It should also have a countdown to when you can pick your housing location and room (remember, upperclassman get first dibs), and on that date and time, you’ll be allowed into the system to pick any locations that haven’t been taken yet. Before that date arrives, I would also recommend going in and coming up with a few options on where you’ll want to live and which room you have in mind: are you going to have a roommate, single dorm, or apartment, and where? Having a general idea and back-up plans will make it that much easier when signing up.

As long as you keep track of everything you’re supposed to do before the year comes to a close (and for me, at least, it’s a lot) you should be all set to move up your class ranking. Even seasoned upperclassman need reminders sometimes, and as you progress through your college career, you’ll know the ins and outs. Even though we all want to get to the end of the semester, and we all will likely be extremely lazy by the time finals come around, be prepared and in-the-know and you’ll do just fine.

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