Smith Paints Murals, Leaves Artistic Mark at UF

Findlay’s child psychology lab gets a makeover

By Jordyn Willis


The psychology department at The University of Findlay is sporting a new look for the child psychology lab thanks to Drew Smith, senior graphic design major.

Smith painted large murals extending from the ceiling to floor in the University’s child psychology lab, working long hours over the past few months.

“The existing child psychology lab was very uncomfortable and felt a lot like an office. The walls were all white and there were filing cabinets in the room,” said Smith. “The purpose of the murals was to create a more inviting environment for both the children and their parents.”

Smith was approached by Valerie Escobedo, chair of the department of visual and performing arts, to paint the murals for UF.

“I took Dr. Kiefner-Burmeister’s ideas on what she wanted, then created the preliminary sketches and designs from scratch,” said Smith. “These sketches were then sent back to Dr. Kiefner-Burmeister and Valerie Escobedo for their critical assessments and/or approvals. Then I took those approved designs and sketched them out on the walls, with minor changes once I saw how they actually looked.”

Smith was contracted by UF’s psychology department and the visual and performing arts department provided tools needed such as paint, paint brushes, and rollers.

Smith estimates that the entire process, from the beginning of creating sketches to the finished murals, took him roughly 150 hours in total.

These murals were not just beneficial to the Psychology department’s child psychology lab, but to Smith as well. He says that the experience in freelance work will benefit him in future endeavors.

“It definitely provided experience in dealing with a client in the freelance environment. Also, the mural will function as a very effective piece in my portfolio,” said Smith.

Not only has this experience given Smith something to tack onto his resume, it also allowed him to leave his mark.

“First and foremost, I had hoped to gain knowledge of the freelance mural process. I can say without a doubt that this was attained,” said Smith. “Also, it was very rewarding to know that I could help the psychology department and the University, while simultaneously leaving my artistic mark on campus.”

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