Netflix gems: What to watch right now

By Morgan Clark

Snowpiercer (2014) 3.5/5 Derricks

“Snowpiercer” has a post-apocalyptic setting and takes place on a train that never stops. Snowpiercer sheds light on socioeconomic issues prevalent today by showing the end of a middle class. The movie just has one dividing line of extreme poverty in the tail and the privileged wealth in the front of the train. While a lot of people today feel that the middle class seems to be disappearing, because more and more people are falling to poverty or climbing to the upper class, this movie exemplifies that. There are many gruesome and sickening scenes, as well as surprising moments. There is no true hero in this movie, but there definitely are villains. If you’re going to watch “Snowpiercer,” make sure you can sit down and watch the entire thing. You can’t really miss any scenes because each scene plays a role in the interesting resolution. I thought this movie was different and it definitely kept my attention. I would recommend this to those who are interested in movies with more complex meanings and applications relevant in today’s world.

Noah (2014) 3/5 Derricks

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, this tells the story of Noah’s ark, but different from what is the normal, biblical story. In this rendering of the story, the children of Cain are evil and tear apart the world. It also tells of angels who came down to help Adam and Eve, were shunned by god, and then stranded on the Earth. There are several references to magic, too, that are not found in the Bible. I found this different perspective intriguing. It’s nice to see things that you have always known to be a certain way in an entirely different point of view. The story still has all the main plot lines like Noah is good and everyone else is evil and bad. It also incorporates other Bible characters from that time into the story. The movie had a couple stars in it such as Emma Watson and Russell Crowe, both of which played their parts well. Aronofsky took many parts of the story and added little elements here and there such as a main villain and the watchers. I would recommend it to those who are interested in stories of the Bible and are also open to different points of view.

Good Will Hunting (1997) 4/5 Derricks

This is a classic movie that has a great story. Matt Damon plays a young man from Boston who is a janitor at MIT and might be the smartest person there. He has a hidden genius that many people only dream of, but he would rather keep it to himself. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wrote this Academy Award winning film in 1997. This film shows that genius can come from anywhere and that love is more rewarding than money. Robin Williams and Matt Damon are brilliant in this movie and really played their roles perfectly. I feel this movie is definitely worth your time and is more of a sophisticated type of movie. This movie is one that almost anyone could watch and enjoy. This is the type of movie you can watch more multiple times and never get sick of it.

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