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By Morgan Clark



Black Mass

3.5/5 Derricks

“Black Mass” is based on a chilling and dark true story. The story is about a Boston man, Whitey Bulger, who goes from running small crime to being the kingpin of all Boston crime. He becomes an FBI informant, taking out the competition as the FBI turn a blind eye to him, letting him run wild.

Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger, and Joel Edgerton as John Connolly were played perfectly. It starts as a man who is very loyalty-based and wants to expand his power, but as the movie continues he slowly uses the loyalty to scare those away from being disloyal. It gets to the point where money and ownership are meaningless and fear becomes the most important thing.

The fact that this is a true story makes you think of how messed-up a person can be. It also makes you wonder what else the FBI and government will let happen because of connections for information. I thought it was interesting how the movie was divided into chapters and at the beginning of each there was a flash-forward to one of Whitey’s associates being interrogated. This was a very good movie, but very cold-blooded.

The Martian


“The Martian” is a movie about a man abandoned on Mars. Originally going into this movie I thought it would be very serious and sad, but found it was very light and humorous. There were scenes that were sad but for the most part it stayed positive and left you in a good mood. “The Martian” demonstrates how the amount of knowledge that astronauts have is astounding. Matt Damon played Mark Watney, the Martian, and was perfect for the part. Jessica Chastain starred as Captain Melissa Lewis, her second role in a space exploration film- having earlier played Murph in the drama “Interstellar.” The bond between Melissa Lewis and Mark Watney was very convincing and added an element of emotion to an otherwise adventurous plot. The movie was continually having one problem solved and two more would arise. It really gave insight as to how careful NASA has to be not only when building spaceships, but when informing the public about such. I would recommend this movie to those who enjoyed “Interstellar” or “Gravity.”

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