Helpful tips on how to get your stress under control

By Jordyn Willis

 As the semester begins to come to a close, the stress levels get higher and higher. And for some reason, it seems as though this semester has kicked the stress levels into high gear. Most students at The University of Findlay not only take on the full class load of their demanding major, but they also stay busy with clubs, sports, and part time jobs as well. At some points it seems as though your head might just explode with the overwhelming feeling of stress.

Just know this: you’re not alone. Sometimes it feels like you might be the only one out on your own in this crazy college life, but mostly everyone around you is also going through the same feeling. It may not be the same kind of stress, but the feeling is the same. What I’ve come to find is most therapeutic after spending four years here is to just have a good ol’ vent session with close people around you. Nine times out of ten, the person you vent to is also feeling the same way, is going to be able to relate, and also wants to vent about their crazy lives. Ask for advice. Find out how other people cope with the stress levels.

As a senior I have found myself trying to plan for things that are way into the future, things that won’t happen for months. And in that planning, it seems as though the more I try to figure out what I want to do in the future, the more stress I have now. What am I going to do after graduation? Will I go back to my hometown? Will I see the best friends that I’ve grown so inseparable with here in Findlay? With all this in my mind, on top of my classwork, extra-curriculars, and job, I’ve found that my stress level is higher than ever. So what does a college -girl due when she doesn’t know what else to do? She calls her mom. And, low and behold, my mom had the best advice. Take it one day at a time.

To the students who are graduating this year, don’t spend your entire year stressing out about where you will be five years from now. Yes, it’s important to have a plan, but don’t forget that this is the time to live it up with all the people you’ve grown closest to in Findlay. This is the last leg of your undergraduate education, it’s the time to shine in the classroom before you graduate. To the underclassmen who are stressing about tests and projects due weeks from now, make lists. Write it out according to what is due soonest and complete that list according to due date.

I know that it feels like your drowning in life and schoolwork, especially at this point in the semester. Trust me, I feel it too. But, you just have to remember, you will survive. You have no other choice but to do so. So, to ease the stress, take a deep breathe and put things into perspective. Make a short term schedule and a long term schedule, and stick to it. Talk to people when you need to just talk. Give yourself a break every once in a while. Sometimes you need to just do something for you, that doesn’t involve stress. You’ll make it, I have faith in you.

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